How to Get your First YouTube Play Button?

Every aspiring and experienced YouTuber yearns for the opportunity to create that YouTube plaque unboxing video after they’ve reached the associated subscriber milestone.

From political commentators and gamers to fashion influencers and ASMR artists, the goal is simple: success. Hitting that subscriber count is only the first step to achieving a YouTube Creator award.

Check out all the tips and tricks to make your dream a reality on YouTube. Let’s start where all amazing content starts – at the beginning.

What is a YouTube Play Button? 

Also called YouTube Creator Awards, the coveted YouTube Play Button is an accolade given to creators once they’ve reached a certain number of subscribers on their YouTube account. The more subscribers, the higher the reward tier. 

The ultimate level of recognition and credibility for your personal or business brand, achieving this highly-desired award, builds a positive reputation in your niche or industry. 

Similar to getting a “verified” checkmark on other social media platforms, the YT Play Button can help to expand your audience and raise your revenue – both on and off the platform.

Types of Play Buttons

When it comes to setting your personal YouTube Play Button goals, there are four primary levels to go for, and they are based on specific criteria. YouTube will then review your channel and make its decision on whether to grant you one of these four Creator Awards. 

1) Silver Play Button

An achievement of 100,000 subscribers will have your account considered for Silver Play Button status. 

2) Gold Play Button

The Gold Play Button is a bit more. Creators must attract 1 million subscribers to accomplish this status, and while it’s not actually gold but gilded brass – it’s still worth a lot to those who reach it. 

3) Diamond Play Button 

Not made of actual diamonds, the next highest play button is the Diamond Play Button which requires a subscriber count of 10 million. 

4) Red Diamond Play Button 

The best of the best can attract 100 million subscribers and will earn the rare Red Diamond Play Button. As of 2022, only five accounts have reached this elite award. 

About the YouTube Creators Awards Program 

The minds at Google developed the YouTube Creators Awards Program to recognize those creators who exceed expectations, grow their audience, and maintain great standing. 

Not only must you hit those subscriber counts, but there are also a number of specific criteria that YouTube will look for after applying. Their findings warrant offering you a reputable Play Button. 

1) Follow YouTube Community Guidelines 

Comprised of spam regulations, avoidance of violent or sensitive content, and the forbiddance of misinformation, YouTube Community Guidelines ensure that creators develop content with integrity.

To be considered for the coveted Play Button, channels must not be deceptive in nature nor attempt to sell regulated products through a YouTube Partner Program. 

2) No Copyright Strikes

In accordance with content guidelines, YouTube creators must abide by copyright guidelines and develop original content. Passing off someone else’s content as your own violates the Copyright Guidelines. 

This includes video, music, snippets, or any other copyrighted material without explicit permission and authorization. The penalties are high for violating copyright guidelines, so be sure to check them often to ensure they have not changed. 

Keep your channel in great standing, and don’t blow your chances at being considered for a Play Button by overlooking a guideline or two. 

Tips to Get your First YouTube Play Button

It only takes a few clicks and a bit of typing to create your first YouTube channel – anyone can do it (if you’re 13 or older, of course), but being a huge, successful creator on the platform is not as easy. 

Reaching those that seem unattainable milestones can be life-changing. Now that you know the requirements to apply and be considered, it’s time to let loose with tips to follow in order to crush your YouTube goals. 

1) Be Consistent 

Just like with your branding messaging, it’s crucial to remain consistent in publishing your YouTube content. More high-value content opens the door to gaining more subscribers, which is the path to Play Buttons. 

It might be challenging to devote your life to regular posting, especially if YouTube is not your full-time job. Batch-create and schedule your content to post on certain days at certain times for greater discoverability.

2) Create Quality and Relevant Content 

Why would viewers subscribe to your channel when you’re peddling the same content as everyone else so – create unique content? When you know your audience’s tastes and preferences, you can craft relatable content they won’t be able to get enough of.

When you cater to your ideal viewers, your subscriber count rises, and your content quality improves based on the people drawn to your message. Personalize it and integrate storytelling where appropriate to solve your viewers’ problems. 

3) Check for Copyrighted Content 

Avoid potential copyright infringement by checking for any issues before you publish any new content videos. Any strikes at all that violate YouTube’s copyright guidelines could kill your chances for those famous Creator Award Plaques. 

In fact, work to create your own copyrighted material. Content that is so good that other people will want to steal and use it – gaining your channel even more credibility as a leader in the field. When they credit you on their content, you could gain their subscribers as well. 

4) Keep your Account Protected 

Avoid any possibility of hacking or stealing your content through the use of two-step authorization, adequate permissions set up on your channel, have a super-strong password, and steer clear of scams. Don’t flush your hard work down the drain – protect your assets. 

5) Analyze Your Videos 

With built-in YouTube analytics, you can check how each of your content pieces is doing with your subscribers, which videos have increased your count and any subscriber activity on your channel. 

Over time, you’ll quickly adopt a content-creation flow that provides amazing metrics and what you’ve tried that forced you to pivot your strategy. Pay close attention and use what works – like post timing, specific hook format, and proven thumbnail clicks. 

6) Purchase YouTube Subscribers 

Can you get legit YouTube subscribers to raise your count and attract more viewers so that, once they see your value, they instantly become organic ones? Absolutely. 

Before making a subscriber purchase, be sure to investigate the provider. You must buy from a legitimate service provider with actual results. Media Mister has you covered if you’re looking for an easy, simple, and safe way to purchase YouTube Subscribers – and get even closer to that Play Button.  


If you’re looking to get on the board and compete with the big boys like Justin Bieber, T-Series, and Cocomelon, you’ve got to start somewhere. Educate yourself on the criteria necessary to apply for a YouTube Creator Award, abide by all YouTube Guidelines, and follow our tips. 

It will surely move you in the right direction. From “playing creator” to getting that Play Button…  your award awaits.