As your parents get older, there are going to be some difficult conversations ahead regarding care and lifestyle. The fact of the matter is that most people require a bit more of a helping hand as they get older. Moreover, many are reluctant to ask for or accept the help that they need for a variety of reasons.

Some elderly persons don’t want to be seen as a burden on others who need additional help for everyday activities. Others simply are accustomed to taking care of everything on their own and aren’t comfortable with the concept of changing the way in which things in their lives are handled.

Even though such scenarios can be challenging, it is important to ensure that your parent is given the assistance that they need in order to be safe and healthy as they get older. One way in which you can help them to continue to live comfortably is to encourage them to be active in as many ways as possible.

All too often, elderly persons allow their levels of activity to slide. This can have negative repercussions on other aspects of life. If you suspect that your aging parent isn’t getting out as much or being as active as they could be, here are a few ways in which you can encourage them to do more.

Set Them Up With Home Care

Even though your parent might not yet be at a stage when they need full-time care and assistance, getting them some day-to-day assistance in the form of home care can be a simple solution at this point in time. Such care will allow your parent to remain active, have a bit of extra help and encouragement throughout the day, and be given a chance to socialize with others in their age group through pre-arranged activities.

Encourage Walking

Your parent might not be able any more to participate in certain physical activities that they used to enjoy, such as sports or running, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stay active in other ways. For instance, going on routine walks can make a great deal of difference in their level of activity.

Furthermore, taking your parent on a walk a couple of times a week can give you the chance to work some more time together on a routine basis. This way, in addition to helping them stay active from a physical perspective, having some time scheduled with you each week can help to boost their mood and general attitude as well.

Help Them Get Together With Friends

The reason why your parent’s activity level might be dropping recently might very well be due to the fact that getting from one place to another is simply becoming too difficult for them. In such cases, you might consider offering to help them to get together with their friends every so often. Organize a lunch for a group of them and then arrange transportation for those who struggle in that area.

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