Groundbreaking Treatment To Eat What You Want & Lose Weight!

Scientists Find The Brain’s Weight Switch Groundbreaking Treatment To Eat What You Want & Lose Weight! (1)

Scientists have discovered new cells in the brain that actively work as a ‘switch‘ in regulating obesity and the metabolism of fat. These new cells act on a cluster of neurons known as ‘GABRA5.’ The brain has a surprising ability to influence on burning of fat, according to this study. This scientific breakthrough can help millions of people struggling with obesity! Let’s have a look at the findings of this study.

Research Study and Findings

Center for Cognition and Sociality (CCS) within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) has published the groundbreaking discovery. The star-shaped cells they found on the brain are ‘astrocytes.’ These cells are non-neural. The study shows the critical role played by the cells in regulating fat metabolism.

The cluster of neurons that astrocytes act on are found in the brain’s hypothalamus. They are also receptive to the inhibitory neurotransmitter ‘GABA.’

The study is currently done on mice. It is done without any dietary restrictions. Meaning the study continued while consuming a high-fat diet. The study found some incredible results! When the GABRA5 neurons were not firing up, there was low energy consumption and an increase in weight gain. However, when the neurons are stimulated, the weight is seemingly reduced! When the scientists dug deeper, they found the influence of astrocytes.

In line with the study findings, the scientists also came up with a new drug! The new drug called KDS2010 was developed with the company Neurobiogen. The drug shows some incredible results, in reducing weight without affecting food intake. The study is currently going through Phase 1 clinical trials with obese mice. When the Trials are successful, the researchers will move towards the human trials.

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