Detached ADU Development Tips


Are you looking to build a detached ADU on your property? Let us help! Here are a few detached ADU development tips you need to know to get started on your project.

Avoid Fees

You can avoid development and impact fees by building your detached ADU under 750 square feet. These fees are used to support public improvements, services, and facilities. Everyone has to pay them when a primary residency is first constructed, but you don’t if you keep your ADU on the smaller side!

Use A Universal Design

When designing your detached ADU, make sure it can accommodate people of all capabilities and ages. That way, you can have different types of people live in your unit that you may have not expected to be living there when you first started. Don’t limit your unit’s potential by only planning for young people to live in it.

Keep Privacy In Mind

When building your unit, you may plan to have a family member living in it so you are not too worried about privacy. However, things change and you could decide to rent to a stranger in the future. Therefore, you should consider a privacy fence between the unit and your home or not having too many windows directly facing each other.

Include Laundry Units

One of the biggest ADU mistakes you can make is not including laundry units in your ADU. Many tenants will complain and you will end up spending more money down the line trying to plan and install them later on. Save yourself the hassle and install either stackable laundry units or a 2-in-1 washer and dryer combo that takes up even less space.

Think About Storage

Think about how much stuff you have hidden away in closets or bins. Your tenants likely have quite a few belongings too. That is why it is always important to plan for lots of storage options. Be sure to have closets, cupboards, and furniture that doubles as storage space. Many ottomans and couches come with storage compartments within them to maximize your storage space. Plus, many ADU appliances are dual-purpose, meaning they take up less space to offer room for more storage.

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