In this day and age, we all spend countless hours putting harmful pressure on our spines, coccyx, and legs while slumped over at our keyboards during the workweek. What if we told you that there is an easy solution to a pain-free workday?

By using a perfectly designed desk chair cushion, you can realign your spine into the best possible position for being productive and caring for your body. Using a proper seat cushion can result in a better night’s sleep and improve your workday productivity. So both you and your boss will be happy when you invest in an Everlasting Comfort desk chair cushion and seat cover.

Minimize Back Pressure and Relieve Short and Long Term Pain

The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion has been ergonomically designed and created to help support the natural S shape of your spine to create overall pain relief and freedom from the fatigue associated with sitting in a chair all day. 

Ergonomic seat cushions are designed with the shape of your body in mind. Ergonomic seat cushions lift the tailbone and redistribute weight across the buttocks, which takes the effort out of sitting, allowing your muscles to relax in a perfectly supported state.

  • Redistributing the weight means your tail bone will not become sore from taking the brunt of your body weight. The redistribution of weight can even help reduce pain associated with the sciatic nerve.
  • Using a correctly designed seat cushion helps improve circulation to the pelvis, legs, and back. Improper circulation is the number one culprit of work fatigue. 
  • Using a seat cushion will help you sit up straighter, naturally. Sitting straighter during working hours will reduce pain in your vertebrae and help you avoid short and long-term back pain associated with sitting at a desk all day.
  • Using a seat cushion will help relieve leg pain and leg muscle strain. A seat cushion will lift your buttocks from behind and support your spine. The lift from the seat cushion will allow your feet to rest comfortably on the floor and your knees to bend at a comfortable 90-degree angle which is ideal for long-term sitting needs.

High-Quality Heat Responsive Memory Foam

Memory foam is heat responsive, which means that it will adjust and form directly with the shape of your body when exposed to your body heat so that it can support you and your needs perfectly. 

This heat responsiveness also means that it will hold its shape and essentially reset between uses so you don’t have to worry about the foam becoming misshapen or squished due to your body weight.

That Everlasting Comfort Quality

With Everlasting Comfort, you can count on quality materials and construction. 

100% Memory Foam

We use 100% memory foam when creating our seat cushions. The high-quality foam ensures that the shape of your seat cushion will stand up to even the longest of workdays, and its shape will bounce back to its manufactured form every time you are done using it so that when you return to work, you can return to support and comfort.

Breathable Mesh Cushion Cover

The breathable mesh cushion cover helps you avoid unwanted bottom and leg sweats. We all know how hot foam can get next to our skin. This breathable mesh cushion cover helps keep your seat cushion cool and comfortable so you can keep working through the day or night without worrying about overheating or uncomfortable sweating.

Non-slip bottom

The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion cover comes equipped with a non-slip bottom to ensure that your seat cushion will not slip or move around on you while working, no matter what material your desk chair or seat is made from.

Life-Time Replacement Policy

No matter what happens to your Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion, we will replace it for free. Rest assured that you have made a quality purchase. At Everlasting Comfort, we guarantee our products for life. If anything at all happens to your seat cushion, we will ship you a replacement right away at no cost to you.

Your Butt Will Thank You For Taking a Seat

For the first time, your butt will be delighted to go to work. The benefits of using a desk chair cushion are immeasurable for your entire back, butt, and legs. 

Seat cushions not only help you sit better, but they help you avoid fatigue. With a lifetime guarantee, you can sit assured, knowing that your comfort will always come first when using Everlasting Comfort office chair seat cushions. 

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