Amazing Lowest Fee Crypto Exchange Hacks

Users of cryptocurrency exchanges must pay to use the fees to use the services of the site. The most common types of fees:

• commissions from deposits and withdrawals from the exchange account,

• charging commissions for trading activities (per transaction).

Deposit and withdrawal fees usually depend on the type of transfer.  Bank transfers, bank card deposits and the use of alternative payment systems differ in terms of fees.  Deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency are usually free, you only need to pay the transaction fee that is paid to the miners.  Now it is even lower if the exchange uses SegWit transactions.

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 Another common type of payment is the trade fee, which is paid as a percentage of every transaction made on the platform.  Trading fees usually range from 0.1% to 0.25%, but can be up to 1% of the amount of trades charged for placing orders on the exchange. Some cryptocurrency have lowest fee crypto exchange.

 These exchanges are increasingly popular, but still do not offer high liquidity.  In addition, the lack of commissions per trade can be offset by a high withdrawal fee from the exchange.

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Lowest fee crypto exchange

The cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges are those that have no deposit or withdrawal fees.  There are no such large exchangers.  Generally speaking, not many services accept credit card payments.  The main reason is that such transfers can be requested back, but transactions in cryptocurrency cannot.  Therefore, the exchange is protected by fees.

 Of the exchanges we worked with, has the lowest tariff plan in terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds.  They charge 3.50% for card deposits and 1.20% for withdrawals.  Plus, you can work right away with a ruble card without converting (however, for a ruble card, the commission is higher, therefore, with frequent trading activities, it is better to get a dollar card).

The lowest fees crypto exchange are highly dependent on the location of the exchange and the buyer.  It is cheaper in the US and EU.  Often free:

 • Coinbase allows users to deposit funds into their account for free using bank transfers.  Withdrawing funds to bank accounts only costs $ 0.15.

 • Kraken also does not charge any bank deposit fees.

No commission per trade is a no fees trading platform.  Supports BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH only.  You can trade anonymously.  The commission is charged only on margin trading and is fixed for withdrawal in cryptocurrency.  There is also a 0.16% spread.

 Cobinhood – positions itself as the first zero-commission exchange.  On the plus side: there is a mobile application, a strong team that invests in promotion, an airdrop aggregator, available in Russian.  Withdrawal fees are high: 0.001 BTC, 0.007 ETH, 20 USD and the equivalent of 8.4 USD for most tokens.

There are also a number of sites that are have lowest fee crypto exchange , but there is either a very expensive cryptocurrency (20% higher than the market), or a large commission for withdrawal, or just an indistinct commission model.  Therefore, we do not mention some options in the list.

With small fees

 • Binance trading fees are the lowest fee crypto exchange among trusted and popular exchanges, 0.1% transaction fees and even lower fees if you use Binance tokens.

 • HitBTC takes a commission of 0.1% from both the maker and the taker.

 • Bitfinex allows trades at 0.1% if you sell and 0.2% if you buy.