How Can I Remove Pimples From My Oily Face

pimple treatment

Teenagers hate the word pimple, and irrespective of gender, race, or nationality, everyone gets it at some point in their life. Even adults in their 20s get pimples sometimes. 

There are many problems relating to this issue, especially the teenagers, who suffer a lot because of this condition. Many look for pimple treatment, and many try their own methods, which results in chaos and putting marks or scars on the face.

There are a few ways in which a person can take care of oily skin and pimples. It can be done in two ways, or any one of these:

  1. Natural Methods
  2. Professional help

Both have their advantages and techniques; let’s discuss both here.

  1. Natural Methods

These are some home remedies you can try to decrease the oily effect and pimples on your face.

  1. Honey

It is an antibacterial and antiseptic product that preserves the moisture in the skin. A natural honey face mask reduces the appearance of oily skin.

  1. Oatmeal

An oatmeal face mask may reduce the oily appearance within a few applications on the face. To make one, you can use ground oatmeal and water and mix.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. Cleansing your face with it helps in getting rid of oily skin and any irritations on the skin. It can be applied to the scalp for reducing dandruff. Aloe vera is a total package for skincare.

  1. Jojoba Oil

It is widely used in sunscreens & moisturizers by every skincare manufacturer. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treating many skin conditions.

One can directly apply the jojoba oil to the skin or mix it with cream or another oil.

  1. Clay Masks

Clay masks offer an effective treatment for your oily skin as it absorbs skin oils and lessens the appearance of oiliness on the face. 

It has minerals such as bentonite or smectite that absorb skin oil. Bentonite is good for healing lesions and ulcers in the skin.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are used in face scrubs which reduces the oily skin appearance. It has anti-hepatotoxicity and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in rejuvenating skin and improving the complexion.

  1. Egg whites

Egg whites are known to tighten pores though no scientific evidence is available. It surely helps in oil reduction on the face and gives a clear look to the skin. Using a face mask from egg white will help a lot in reducing the oiliness.

If you are still having these issues with the skin even after following these natural remedies, you can look for skin treatment clinics and professionals. They know the best method for pimple treatment for every age group.

  1. Professional Help
  1. Oral antibiotics: You will be given some medicines and supplements with the treatment for better results. Oral antibiotics are best for acne treatment.
  1. Topical treatment: These are the treatments in the form of creams, lotions, or face masks. You will be treated with different creams and face masks during every session. Peeling off the mask will remove the dark marks, blackheads, and dirt from your face.
  1. Medical procedures: These are not that dangerous or expensive as it sounds. They may use some chemical peels and light therapies on your skin for a few sessions. Lasers are also used in case there are tougher marks or impurities on your skin.

These treatments will control acne/pimple growth and give you clear and beautiful skin. Make sure you wash your face in the morning and before sleeping at night with a mild face wash. Lastly, wash your face after returning home from the office or any outdoor activity. These small lifestyle changes will bring benefits to your skin.