Dapper Boi Net Worth 2023 Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

"Dapper Boi" Net Worth 2023 Update 

Dapper Boi, a Gender-neutral clothing line, was started by Charisse Pasche and Vicky Pasche in 2015. As of October 2023, Dapper Boi’s net worth is $1.6 Million and they’re pulling in a whopping $1 million in annual revenue.

On April 14, 2023, they appeared on Season 14 of Shark Tank USA seeking $250k for 5% equity valuing the company at $5 Million. However, the Sharks were not interested in investing in Dapper Boi. All the sharks have dropped out all the offers because the company has had a lot of losses in the past so the founder had to walk empty-handed.

Dapper Boi is still in business. Their products are available on the official website.

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Dapper Boi’s Net Worth

Net worth$1.6 Million (2023)
Annual Sales Revenue$1 million (2022)
Lifetime sales$3.5 million
FoundersCharisse Pasche and Vicky Pasche

Dapper Boi Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2023$1.6 Million
Net Worth 2022$1.3 Million
Net Worth 2021$1 Million
Net Worth 2020$700,000
Net worth valuation in 2023 after appearing on Shark Tank  
Net worth valuation in 2023 before appearing on Shark Tank  $5 Million

Dapper Boi Pitch on Shark Tank

Company nameDapper Boi
ProductGender-neutral clothing line 
EpisodeSeason 14 Episode 20
Founders Charisse Pasche and Vicky Pasche
Asked for$250k for 5% equity
Final dealNo Deal
LocationSan Diego, California, United States

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Dapper Boi Founders

Dapper Boi was founded by Charisse Pasche and Vicky Pasche in 2015. Vicky wants to make this company a 7 figure company. Charisse wants to grow and expand this company worldwide. Dapper Boi’s founders, Charisse Pasche and Vicky Pasche, have a net worth of USD 1.6 Million as of 2023.

Key accomplishments

2023Dapper Boi was featured on Shark Tank
2016Dapper Boi become a is a seven-figure company


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their current status as a thriving business. They have proven that with the right idea and execution, anything is possible. We can’t wait to see the future for Dapper Boi and its continued success.

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