Cardiologist Claims Humans going to live more than 120 years with Stem Cell Therapy

Cardiologist Claims Humans going to live more than 120 years with Stem Cell Therapy

Throughout the 20th century, people around the world have experienced impressive advancements in life expectancy. This can be attributed to the invention of vaccines and better medical treatments, which have allowed us to conquer illnesses that were once considered fatal only a few decades ago.

Dr. Ernst von Schwarz’s Vision

In a potentially groundbreaking development, Dr. Ernst von Schwarz a renowned triple board-certified internist, cardiologist, and heart transplant specialist. Dr. von Schwarz is known for his insightful books, including “Secrets of Immortality” and “The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy.”

According to a report from the New York Post, Dr. Ernst von Schwarz is optimistic that advancements in stem cell research will extend human lifespans significantly. His vision is bold – he envisions humans living to the remarkable age of 150 years by the close of this century.

Dr. Ernst’s Perspective

“I believe that we can create a prolongation of life. Probably within a couple of years, people can live to 120, 150 years, if not longer than that,”

Dr. Ernst shared with the New York Post. 

Importantly, he envisions these extended lifespans not as mere survival but as a robust existence.

However, Dr. Ernst emphasizes that achieving this extended longevity requires an integrated approach. That includes adopting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious eating and regular exercise. He underscores that it’s around the age of 30 when one should consider making a lifestyle.

The Role of Stem Cell Research

Despite stem cell treatments not yet receiving FDA approval, they represent a promising frontier in medicine. These therapies aim to repair damage within the body, potentially prolonging life and mitigating certain ageing processes.

“In the last few years, we have shifted from what we call reactive medicine to what we now call regenerative medicine using mainly stem cell therapies.”

Speaking on the role of stem cell research in this vision, Dr. Ernst said

The pursuit of extended human lifespans, he believes, is attainable through scientific advancements. Such as stem cell research, combined with a commitment to healthy living. Yet, he acknowledges that the path to longevity should navigate with wisdom and dedication.

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