Why is HBO Changing Names? | What Will it be Next?

Why is HBO Changing Names

HBO is the longest-operating and most popular streaming platform in the USA. But users were left confused as they kept changing the name constantly. The main reasons behind the regular name changes are to expand the programming mix and to make the streaming more “Family friendly.” Right now, HBO has embraced the name “Max”, but viewers doubt whether they will keep this name in the long run. 

HBO has changed its name several times over the years. The streaming service was presented to the audience as HBO GO, HBO NOW, HBO Max and Max as of today. Many believe that this will not be their last name change. They are hilariously expecting another name change to hit the screen soon. 

Some who have used the new streaming service have mentioned their disappointment. People dislike the removal of some HBO content and the changes made to the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Their layout of episodes and watching content seems to have displeased the viewers as well. 

The recent change came across as it merged with Warner Bros. Discovery+. They were keen on making the name family-friendly and signalling the wide variety to viewers. However, HBO Max viewers are immediately given access to the Max streaming service. 

HBO has established itself as a brand among people in the USA as high-quality TV. So, people believe their decision to remove the established brand name is absurd. Many believe that this decision will dilute its long-held audience