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“Birth Beat” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Birth Beat” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)
“Birth Beat” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Birth Beat” got featured on Shark Tank Australia in 2018 August It was founded by Edwina Sharrock.

Birth beat net worth in 2022

Here is an update on Birth Beat’s net worth so far.

Birth Beat’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank2 Million USD(Business Valuation)
Birth Beat’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]20213 Million USD
Birth Beat’s Current Net worth (2022) 5 Million USD

Birth Beat’s founder Edwina Sharrock has a net worth of 5 Million USD as of 2022


We are living in an era of everything become virtual. Hence many of the services and government facilities are conducted via the internet. So this also applies to health services. Then we cant forget childbirth and prenatal care. Then you should know about the ‘birth beat’

What is a Birth beat?

Birth Beat is an online childbirth education platform. It provides information not only to the mothers but also to the families about pregnancy and childcare. Also, It provides trained professionals with virtual antenatal classes.

Who is the founder of the Birth beat?

Edwina Sharrock is the founder and the owner of the ‘birth beat’. She is a trained and registered midwife from Australia. Edwina developed face-to-face classes for an online pregnancy-guiding business. She is from New South Wales, Australia.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Edwina enters the show hoping for $ 200 000 for 10% of the online health service platform.
Steve Baxter, Janine Allis, Andrew Banks, Naomi Simson, and Glen Richards were the season’s sharks.

Firstly she started to explain why she came up with this idea and what the birth beat was. Andrew requested her to explain how it works and the other sharks also agree with him.

Also, Naomi’s and Steves’s fun argument was a notable incident in the show. Then Naomi asked her about the customer acquisition cost.

Then Glen discussed her plans for the profit. But Andrew decided to get out of the deal saying he was not interested in the area. Following Glen and Naomi also decided not to invest. So steve also finally decided to stay out of the deal.

Janine thought $20000 for 20% will be too much so she made an offer of 10000 for 20% with a $100000 loan. So she finally agreed with the deal.

birth beat shark tank pitch


Entering the shark tank Edwina described the shares ks from her own experience with pregnancy. Also, she did not forget to mention that 41% of maternity units have been closed in Australia in the last 15 years. Then she explained to the sharks that this inspired her to start online classes and eventually turned into the birth beat.

Also, she explained one unit of her business sold for $297 while taking $240 per unit. At the time she appeared on the show she earned $19000. When Glen requested her expectation value for the next 12 months. Even though she didn’t have a plan at the time she said she planned to reach 5 million by 2020. But finally told 500 000 at next 12 months.

Also at the show she mentioned expecting a contract with Australia s largest bank. Apart from that, she shared information about their interaction with HCF.

However, she was able to get the deal with Janine.

What happened to the Birth beat after the Shark Tank

According to the reports Edwina did not proceed with the deal after the show. But her business popularity skyrocketed as usual. So she gained new customers after the show. Not only that her interaction with HCF was successful and HCF funded her business.

The business is still working and gained attention after it joined several other childbirth care programs.

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Competitors of Birth beat

Few names are rising as competitors for birth beats. Some of them are Parents Centre, Joyful Birthing HypnoBirthing, Kopa Birth, and Birth Boot

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