This bike saddle moves with your legs for maximum comfort

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The VabsRider, a split-seat bicycle saddle innovated by an Australian engineer, that moves with the legs to ensure comfort, so now cyclists can ride long- distances without discomfort.  

Later, the inventor Robin Macan collaborated with Philippe Guichard and Whistle Design Group, which is based in Melbourne, Australia.

This innovative technology of the VabsRider not only moves according to the cyclist’s leg movements but also prevents the discomfort associated with traditional bike seats. They also introduced some other special features with this saddle, which aim to provide a more comfortable riding experience for long distances.

This will set the next standard in cycling solutions with enhanced riding experiences. VabsRider is poised to revolutionize how cyclists perceive and enjoy their rides.

the vabsrider is a dynamic bike saddle that moves with you as you pedal 3
This bicycle saddle moves with your legs to ensure maximum comfort. (autoevolution)

How does this bike saddle move with your legs for maximum comfort?

VabsRider’s saddle has a split-seat design, unlike conventional bicycle seats. This unique design allows both sides of the saddle to move independently to suit the rider’s movement.

Through this, the pressure generated during cycling is transferred to the femur. As a result, discomfort for the cyclist will be reduced because of the even body weight distribution.

Advantages of VabsRider’s split-seat saddle feature

Soreness is a challenge that most cyclists face, and it causes a lot of discomfort, especially when cycling for long distances. This split-seat design has created a better solution for that and reduces the discomfort.

VabsRider’s bicycle saddle moves with legs to ensure comfort. Apart from that, VabsRider also included various enhancements, such as adjustable seat angle and width for rider front/back and height positions with set screws.

Is it available for purchase?

It is not currently available for purchase. Interested purchasers can contact the VabsRider for more information. Pricing and specifics are still awaiting as production nears completion.

To sum it up, the VabsRider split-seat bicycle saddle gives maximum comfort to the cyclist by allowing both sides of the saddle to move independently; this reduces discomfort and distributes the body weight evenly. Additionally, the saddle includes many adjustable features for a customized riding experience.

Featured image credits: autoevolution

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