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Bella Luna’S Kitchen Nightmares update – After Gordon Ramsay’s visit (OPEN OR CLOSED IN 2022)

Bella Luna’s was an Easton Pennsylvania restaurant featured on season 7 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Bella Luna’s was episode 9 of season 7.

Restaurant name Bella Luna
Owner  Rosario Scollo
Waiters/ StaffRosario Scollo, Gianfranco, Maurizio & Traci
Chef: Gianfranco
Original Episode Air DateMay 16, 2014
Bella Luna’s Address3417 Sullivan Trl Easton, Pennsylvania 18040
Is Bella Luna’s still open? (2022)Closed

Is Bella Luna’s in Easton Pennsylvania still open?  

They shut down in 2014, a month after filming. At that time their sales had increased. Now there is a pizza restaurant in that place.

Restaurant location map :

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