“Behave Bras” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Behave Bras” got featured on Shark Tank USA in 2022 March. It was founded by Athena Kasvikis.

Behave Bras net worth in 2022

Here is an update on Behave Bras’s net worth so far.

Behave Bras’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank750,000 USD
Behave Bras’s Current Net worth (2022) 1.25 Million USD

Behave Bras’s founder Athena Kasvikis has a net worth of 1 Million USD as of 2022


Among women’s essential concerns, size is crucial. When it comes to their bras, the size always matters. Women choose bras to show their birth rights as well as recently improved body stats as a sure thing. Athena Kasvikis, the founder of Behave Bras, faced the same thing and ended up with the product we are looking at.

What is Behave Bras?

Behave Bras is a product introduced to enable comfort and protection for women with larger breasts. Preventing discomfort and some unfavorable conditions to women was the need to produce Behave, Bras.

Who is the owner of Behave Bras?

Athena Kasvikis is the founder of Behave Bras. She is from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. She graduated from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School and has completed Business Administration (MBA).

From the youngest age, Athena has had large breasts making her uncomfortable in front of others. Although she used several products in the market, nothing had fixed that. Athena had assumed that there were more than 50+ million other women in addition to her facing the same problem.

To solve this problem, the founder thought of starting her own Big Bra Brands startup that supports Big busts. Even after founding the company and introducing a great product, the founder faced a few problems. That is why she took part in SharkTank.

Athena Kasvikis is the founder of Behave Bras.
Athena Kasvikis is the founder of Behave Bras.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Athena had provided samples for the Sharks, and they went through them. Barbara asked if Athena was using the new wire as it is comfortable. Athena replied, saying there was either an A or a DD cup. 

She also mentioned that the company had made $110,000 in 18 months, a profitable business from the beginning to the end.

Kevin got impressed after hearing that the behave Bra is about to have a patent. Although Athena wanted $150,000 for 15%, the deal got cut at $150,000 for 20%. It was a deal that the other sharks were amazed to see.


Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15 took place this March and has passed more than 06 months. Although Kevin made his choice, it did not look awesome from the very beginning. The time is enough to judge if the deal was a fine one.

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What happened to Behave Bras after the Shark Tank

The business has grown to a new level, and the deal seems to have worked extremely beneficial for the founder and the Shark, Kevin. According to stats, the business has grown four times, and the sales have increased rapidly.

Athena had stated to “Boston Inno” that she was trying new strategies to keep higher equity for her highly growing business. The net worth of the company is $1.25 Million, and it is way higher than they were before the Shank Tank episode.

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Competitors of the company

The Bra Genie, She Fit, Elomi, Wacoal, Bravissimo, and Bigger Bras are some of the competitors of Behave Bras. Since The Bra Genie has got the patents, the competition is intensified.

Where Can You Buy Behave Bras?

This Behave brand’s product is available only on its official website. In this, the price of bras starts at $75, And the price of Panties is $20. You can get the behave bras discount code here.

Behave bras reviews

See the latest reviews on their Wireless Lounge Bra and Flossy panties from ladies who have tried them. 

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