Apple Says Charging Phones While Sleeping Can Be Dangerous

Apple Says Charging Phones While Sleeping Can Be Dangerous

Everyone loves waking up to a fully charged iPhone. But Apple, the company behind our favorite gadget, has something important to tell us about doing this.

What’s the Big Issue?

If you’re like many of us who slip their phones under the pillow or blanket while charging, you might want to think again. Apple says this can cause the phone to get too hot, leading to risks like fires or electric shocks. In simple words: Your phone needs to breathe, especially when it’s charging.

Apple’s message is clear:

“While your phone is charging, don’t put it under your pillow or blanket. And don’t sleep too close to it.”

How to Charge Your Phone the Right Way

Apple suggests using the cables and chargers that come with the iPhone or those labeled “Made for iPhone”. Some chargers that aren’t from Apple might not be safe and can be risky to use. Also, if your cable is broken or you’re charging near water, that’s not a good idea.

Also, when we’re done with our chargers, we should get rid of them the right way to keep things safe.

Firefighters are backing up Apple on this. If a fire starts while we’re asleep because of the phone, we might not notice it right away. And the smoke from such fires can be really bad for us.

Experts also remind us that it’s good practice to charge not just phones but all gadgets in places where air can move around them easily. This helps keep them cool.

Phones and Sleep

There’s another reason to keep your phone out of bed. The blue light from our screens can mess with our sleep. This light can stop our bodies from making melatonin, a sleep hormone. Without it, falling asleep can be tough.

Doctors tell us it’s a good idea to cut down on screen time before we sleep. If we really need to use our phones, there’s a night mode which is a bit easier on the eyes. Making the bedroom a no-phone area can also help us get better sleep.

So, the takeaway? Charging our iPhones overnight is super handy, but we’ve got to be safe about it. As tech keeps changing, it’s good to stay in the know and be smart about how we use our gadgets.