A puppy who stole the ball during the Premier football game Here is what happens?

In a rib-tickling turn of events, a playful dog created a funny scene during a match held in Chile’s Premier Division football game. It couldn’t resist joining in on the action to play ball. The furry guest playfully chased the ball, leaving players and spectators in laughter. The unexpected entry of the furry intruder added an unforgettable twist to the game.

The adorable dog ran across the field, slightly changing direction to chase after the ball. A video captures the dog’s powerful pursuit, halting the game. The referee and some players attempt to get the ball from the dog, but their efforts prove fruitless.

Palestino player named Maximiliano Salas carried the dog and tried to take it off the field, according to Chilean news outlet Deportes 13. However, the dog held onto the ball tightly and didn’t want to let go. The players found it funny and laughed as they removed the dog from the field. Eventually, the dog let go of the ball, and Salas handed the pup over to another stadium official.

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