Android 14 Introduces Long-Awaited iPhone Feature: here’s how to turn it on

Android 14 Introduces Long-Awaited iPhone Feature here's how to turn it on

In a move that reflects the tech industry’s continuous evolution, Android 14 has introduced a feature that Apple users have enjoyed for a while. The new feature allows Android users to receive flash notifications, similar to the LED flash alerts seen on iPhones and iPads.

For context, Apple devices have long had the option to use the rear-facing LED flash as a notification alert. iPhone and iPad users can activate this by navigating to: Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > LED Flash for Alerts.

Android 14’s New Flash Notification Feature

Android 14, not to be left behind, has incorporated this feature with an added twist: a screen flash option. To enable this on Android 14, users should go to: Settings > Accessibility > Flash notifications.

(Image: Tom’s Guide)

Once there, they have the choice between Camera flash, Screen flash (which defaults to yellow), or both.

Customization: A Step Ahead

What sets Android 14 apart is the customization it offers. Users can select from 12 different colors for the screen flash. To change the color, simply tap on “Yellow” under “Screen flash” and pick the desired shade. A preview option is also available, allowing users to see how the notification will appear before finalizing their choice.

Availability and User Benefits

This feature, currently available in the Android 14 beta, is expected to roll out in the final version soon. It’s particularly useful for those who might struggle to notice standard notifications, such as the hard of hearing. The dual option of both screen and camera flashlight flash ensures that users won’t miss an alert, whether the phone is face-up or in use.

Steps to Enable and Key Notes

To recap, enabling flash notifications in Android 14 is straightforward. Simply navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Flash notifications and choose between Camera flash, Screen flash, or both. It’s worth noting that while the camera flash gives two flashes from the phone’s back, the screen flash provides a color burst on the display. However, the screen flash doesn’t operate with the screen off.

Android’s Commitment to User Experience

In conclusion, Android 14’s introduction of flash notifications, a feature previously exclusive to iPhones, showcases the platform’s commitment to inclusivity and user experience. With added customization and dual flash options, Android continues to bridge the gap between its offerings and those of its competitors.