6 Reasons Why Most Car Accident Victims in Alpharetta Lose Their Personal Injury Claims

6 Reasons Why Most Car Accident Victims in Alpharetta Lose Their Personal Injury Claims


Many car accident victims come into personal injury litigation with plenty of serious delusions about how the legal process works. Ultimately, this can result in car accident claims in Alpharetta being settled on hostile terms or lost completely.

Car wreck claims, and other personal injury lawsuits are almost never as simple and straightforward as making a demand for your losses after presenting a statement of what took place. Indeed, obtaining fair and full compensation from the at-fault party can be challenging. Insurers may be unwilling to offer you a just deal, and the journey to recovery is full of pitfalls.

Without the right Alpharetta car accident attorney, it can be challenging to navigate the legal system. Aside from the complexities involved, you need to remember that reinstating your health after an auto accident should remain a priority.

A knowledgeable car accident attorney can help bear the encumbrance, fighting to protect your rights and secure the settlement you rightfully deserve. Let’s discover the reasons why many car accident victims in Alpharetta lose their personal injury claims. Below, you’ll find some common mistakes that car wreck victims make that can quickly derail their lawsuits.

Not Being Represented By an Experienced Lawyer

A car wreck claim is both an art and a science. It is an art since it requires skills to negotiate a just settlement. Also, it takes experienced judgment to know the right time and amount to accept a settlement offer.

A personal injury lawsuit is a science in the respect that there’re court filings that need to be completed in time and a certain manner. Strict deadlines are available that you need to meet.

When you decide to handle your car accident case without a knowledgeable lawyer, you are missing out on valuable legal representation and experience that can make a huge difference.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you take care of everything related to your lawsuit, from gathering enough evidence and filing paperwork to handling court appearances. Also, they’ve got the judgment to enable you to make informed decisions about how to solve your case and the legal strategy to use.

If you face it alone without an experienced lawyer, you may receive far less than you rightfully deserve or lose everything.

Failing to Promptly Seek Medical Help

Don’t wait too long to seek medical help. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need to visit a physician immediately. A knowledgeable physician can help you identify any serious or minor injuries, as well as potential or actual complications. Also, your physician will document your injuries, which is vital to safeguarding your legal rights.

Waiting too long to seek medical help means not having sufficient proof that the incident you were involved in caused your injuries. The responsible insurer or party could easily and boldly argue that your injuries were aggravated or caused by something else due to the delay in seeking medical care. It’s true that this can make it challenging for you to receive fair compensation.

Contributory Negligence

It is possible to be a personal injury accident victim while at the same time contributing to the incident. Different parties can all share some percentage of fault for a car accident. When you’re part of the fault, it is possible to recover less than the full compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damage. Also, it is possible to lose everything.

You need to be fully prepared if the other party accuses you of contributory laxity. You need to understand how to fight back and present an appropriate response so that you do not lose your lawsuit as a result of contributory negligence.

Social Media

After a car accident, many victims take their frustrations out on social media. It is fun to share your life’s aspects with family and friends. However, using social media platforms to share your car accident frustrations can be a massive mistake, especially when you’ve a personal injury case. Everything you share or post on social media platforms may be admissible in a court of law.

It’s possible for the other side to print out your posts and request the court to present them to the judge. A few years ago, courts and judges may have been skeptical about social media platforms. But currently, they embrace it as a reliable source of information. Social media posts that contradict what you claim can make you lose your Alpharetta car accident lawsuit.

It is also possible to make a post that states facts in a confusing way or gives away your legal strategy. Keeping yourself away from social media in the wake of an auto accident is a great way to avoid making mistakes that can unravel your lawsuit.

Failing to Document Circumstances of Your Injuries

Mobile devices are nearly ubiquitous. If possible, be sure to document the circumstances of your injuries. You should do it in videos or photos. This will be important to support your events version about who was liable for your personal injuries and property damage.

You need to call law enforcement officers immediately after a car wreck and obtain a police report. Doing so allows you to create an official record of the accident. Also, the police report contains vital evidence and information that could negatively affect your lawsuit’s outcome.


When you’ve got a personal injury lawsuit, it’s vital to be truthful across the whole process. What you say in court and include in documents must be the truth. Exaggeration or misrepresentation can be fatal to a lawsuit.

Misrepresentation may result in a court of law dismissing a lawsuit or issuing sanctions. Also, they might suppress evidence, making it challenging to pursue your claim and receive fair compensation. Misrepresentation may be a huge reason why many car accident victims lose their personal injury claims.

To make sure your car accident case remains strong, be sure to work with your Alpharetta attorney as a team. Attorneys require your input and support. You’ll need to support them by completing some simple tasks like preparing for court appearances, keeping a journal, gathering records, and keeping receipts.

If you don’t support your lawyer, it might be another massive reason for losing your claim. An experienced Alpharetta attorney is your guide and advocate. Together, you can have a successful outcome in your lawsuit.

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