AI War Has Not Started Yet | TikToker Shows How AI Is Going to Destroy Social Media 

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AI War Has Not Started Yet TikToker Shows How AI Is Going to Destroy Social Media 

In the digital age, the next threat is coming to social media. Until recently, that threat seemed like science fiction, but as you go deep into this story, you’ll see it’s real. Imagine if artificial intelligence (AI) can mimic your voice, appearance, and content. Many people have been interested in this story, including the tik toker Dylan Page, who’s leading the conflict. The question that hangs in the air is whether the AI war has begun or we are merely witnessing the tip of the iceberg. Let’s see.

The Problem

AI technologies have been quickly developing these past few years, rendering things only seen in science fiction. AI-powered equipment can now accurately imitate human voices and movements. A new era of content creation has emerged as a result of this progress, where AI-generated evidence may be produced quickly.

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Dylan Page’s Encounter with AI Copycats

Dylan Page, a content creator on TikTok, had a firsthand encounter with the AI menace. He found it difficult to claim copyright because AI-generated content had copied his videos. Imagine the frustration that creators like Dylan face when their work gets duplicated by artificial intelligence.

AI-Generated Content for Social media

The potential of AI’s abilities is fantastic. It can quickly produce videos with well-known people that mimic their voices and appearances. These AI-generated videos have gained popularity, making us question whether the content is authentic.

The Threat to Social Media

We must consider the effects of AI-generated content when we scroll through social media. The legal complexities surrounding copyright and AI-generated content are just the tip of the iceberg. AI’s impact on social media raises ethical concerns constantly. Even though there are efforts to regulate content created using AI, the battle is far from over.


The AI war has not yet started, but warning signs are present. Dylan Page’s story serves as a reminder of the danger AI brings to social media. The difference between legit and AI-generated content is getting more hazy, making it harder to know originality. We must stay informed as we consider social media’s position in a world driven by AI. 

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