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India has a legal requirement for two-wheeler insurance for all vehicles – the minimal criteria is to ensure that the automobile has at least third-party liability insurance. In a country where most people own two-wheelers, it is important for companies to come up with insurance plans that are not only financially viable for most but also protect them from damage and loss.

A significant amount of financial protection and mental peace is associated when you buy 2-wheeler insurance online. Companies have come up with policies that can benefit the citizens. Each company would advise its potential clients to consider their specific needs and look for policies that would cover most of them.

Here are a few things you can consider when you are looking for the right two-wheeler insurance:

  1. Type of coverage options – The basic coverage options that most companies offer would be: third-party liability coverage and comprehensive coverage. The third-party liability option is mandatory by the Indian government. The comprehensive policy covers any third-party damage along with damage to your vehicle due to various causes.
  2. Exclusions to the policy – Knowing what the policy does not offer is also important while selecting an insurance plan to make sure that the coverage limits are sufficient for you to cover the realistic and potential damages that can be caused to two-wheelers. Inadequate coverage plans may lead to improper protection of your finance and losses in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Add-on policies – You might want to improvise and add a few clauses to your policy with time. Many insurance providers offer the benefit of additional coverage that can be customized according to your needs. Check for certain aspects like zero-depreciation covers, engine protection clauses, roadside assistance features, etc.
  4. No claim bonus – One of the most important aspects to consider when you buy two-wheeler insurance would be NCB. Essentially, this is a discount offered on the premium for every year when a claim is not made. This helps in significantly reducing the premium over time.
  5. Insured Declared Value – The IDV is the overall total amount that the insurance companies will pay you as a beneficiary in case you incur a total loss or theft. This value needs to be calculated and determined accurately to avail of the adequate compensation as deserved against the vehicle.
  6. Claim process – Check the reviews and thoroughly research the claim processes offered by insurance companies. You would want to ensure that the process is hassle-free, can be availed remotely or online, and is quick. The ease of the claim process can significantly reduce distress during an already difficult time.
  7. Premium cost and renewal – Your budget will play a role in choosing a policy. Check the overall premium costs against coverage options and get renewal quotations from different insurance companies for an informed decision.
  8. Additional benefits and associations – Renowned policy companies ensure that they have a long-standing tie-up with services like garages. Additionally, other benefits like roadside assistance, fully functioning customer support services, online applications for ease and convenience, etc are features that ought to be considered during your research process.


Two-wheeler insurance is a must. Finding the policies that are the right fit for your needs is now easily possible with ICICI Lombard’s holistic packages. With the various advantages associated with each type of coverage, you can also customize the policy to reap maximum benefits. Ensure considering various aspects before narrowing down on a specific plan with overall objective of well-being and minimal loss.

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