This Robot can grab the accidentally swallowed objects inside the human body

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Piyankara Ganegoda
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This is the world’s first slime robot that can navigate into tight spaces and grab the accidentally swallowed objects inside your body. This remembers the movie “Venom“. How interesting? This robot has shown a potential revolution in the medical industry used for surgical procedures. It was co-created by a research team led by Professor Li Zhang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

A magnetic field controls the slime robot. It has a custard-like consistency making it easier to navigate the tiny pathways. This feature grabs fine materials and repairs broken circuits. Let’s dive into more info on what makes this object unique.

Innovative features

An external magnetic field controls this tiny robot, changing its shape and navigating into tiny spaces. Furthermore, it can grasp and enclose objects. Even more, it can heal itself when cut into separate parts. This soft robot is made from external magnets and metal particles. The materials are polyvinyl alcohol, borax and neodymium magnet particles. These materials make this robot’s slime-like nature to freely move around, and change shape.

Amazing uses

Slime robots are ideal to use in surgical procedures as they can change their shape according to the space. Also, it can grab foreign substances ingested by humans. It can prevent the leaking out of toxic electrolytes by encapsulation.

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The Slime Robot Moves
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Potential risks

Despite having amazing benefits, slime robots have some risks too. The magnetic materials used to produce robots can be toxic to human tissues like neodymium particles. This is the challenge for the slime robot. Currently, the research team has covered the robot with a protective coating using silicon dioxide to make it safe for healthcare applications.