This Pod Allows Tired Workers To Take A Nap While Standing

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Piyankara Ganegoda
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This pod allows tired Japanese workers to have quality sleep time while they are standing. Japanese is well known for their innovative sleeping ideas for work time power naps. They named this sleeping pod ‘giraffenap’. There is an interesting root story for the name. It is because the giraffe is having a nap time while he is standing.

You can charge your phone inside this pod while you are dreaming. Let’s dive into this fabulous sleeping pod for more information.

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Sleeping Inside the Pod
Image Source: g-nap

Vertical Sleeping Space for Workers

Giraffenap sleeping pod comes in two models; Spacia and Forest. Spacia has a calming white interface inside and outside of the pod. Forest has a traditional lattice-style woodwork outlook init. Both models are air-conditioned and have a comfortable environment inside it. Air purifiers ensure a quality sleep time for the worker.

Why Vertical Sleep?

If you sleep horizontally, the worker will reach stage 3 sleep soon and fall into deep sleep. When you wake after a quick nap, the worker will feel foggy. On the other hand, this giraffe pod ensures that workers will reach stage-2 sleep only. Then only, a worker can continue the work more energetically after sleep. Also, this setup has an ergonomic space-saving design. It supports sleep from 4 points; head, buttock, knees, and soles of the feet, even though the worker is in a stand-up position.