A Basic Guide To Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies For Gaming Online

A Basic Guide To Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies For Gaming Online

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies around the world and is no longer the sole preserve of computer geeks. From trying out the latest releases on Xbox to playing games via the newest smartphones, lots of people globally get a kick from gaming. 

Online gaming is one innovation that has helped the sector expand and allows people to have a more social experience when playing. Although online video gaming is undoubtedly popular, this is not the only form of internet-based play that has made the headlines. 

iGaming has also taken off in many parts of the world and sees people logging on to play at online casino platforms. In addition to this, many people now enjoy playing casino games online using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But what are the basics of using digital coins to game online? 

Choose wisely where to game online 

It’s important to take your time and find a legitimate crypto gaming site online that offers a top-class user experience. This will not only allow you to make secure payments when playing but also have a much better time overall. Taking your time to choose the site you play at also means you will register with a platform that offers a range of appealing features – from helpful customer support to a choice of coins to play with, a good selection of games, and more! 

Alexander Reed highlights how top Bitcoin casino sites have surged in popularity over the past few years. These platforms offer operators a way to sidestep the stringent regulations that traditional online casinos must adhere to. However, this means it’s now more important than ever to find a safe and trustworthy site. Being careful in terms of where you game online also allows you to find the most trusted and well-established platforms to spend time at. 

Buy coins 

The next thing you should think about when using crypto to game online is the coins you will use. Bitcoin is the obvious option for many and a familiar token that iGamers are comfortable using. It also offers fast transaction speeds, low fees and excellent security. This is not the only coin popular with online gamers, though, and there are others to consider, such as Ethereum or Litecoin. 

Once you have decided which coins you will use, you need to purchase some to play with. Most people will do this via a reputable crypto exchange online, as this is the safest and easiest way to go about it. Just remember to only use well-known exchanges that are legitimate, use the most robust internet security features and have an excellent reputation in the sector.

Set up your crypto wallet 

After buying coins to game with online, you need to set up a crypto wallet to store them in. This is important because you will need to connect your crypto wallet to your online gaming account in order to make deposits or withdrawals when playing. There are various options in terms of cryptocurrency wallets (from hot storage to cold storage), so make sure to find one you prefer before making a decision. 

Find the games you want to play 

The modern world comes with lots of choice – from the top six Canva apps for creators to the myriad of graphic novels there are to check out, or the number of new films that are released each month. Choice is also huge at online crypto gaming sites and this means the best platforms offer a plethora of titles in various categories.

Once you are ready to start playing, it is worth looking around these categories to find the games you like best. This might be the latest slots, the coolest table games or engaging live casino titles. Make sure to focus on those that appeal most and that you’ll have most fun with. This ensures you get the most out of gaming with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies online.

Withdraw any winnings to your crypto wallet

If you have been lucky enough to win some money when playing games online, the next step is to withdraw it back to your linked crypto wallet. It can be a good idea to do this regularly, so you do not end up putting all your winnings back into playing games. The low transaction fees that cryptocurrencies generally offer makes this more feasible and means you do not end up eating into your winnings too much. 

Withdrawal requests are usually made through the Payments page of online gaming platforms and involve entering the amount you wish to withdraw plus your preferred payment method. Once processed by the gaming site or payment provider, you will receive your winnings. For Bitcoin and crypto payments, this should not take too long because of the super-quick transaction speeds they offer. 

Playing games online with Bitcoin and crypto

Cryptocurrencies have become a well-established way of paying for many things in modern life and are certainly something we are seeing more of in online gaming. iGaming, in particular, is experiencing growth in the number of crypto-based platforms that make it safe and simple to play with digital cash. If you fancy gaming online with Bitcoin or another coin, it pays to know what you are doing first, though.

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