7 Ways To Use A Sobakawa Pillow In Your Wellness Routine

It has been stressed enough in the past, but it still deserves repeating over and over—getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in maintaining good health. Just as it’s important to eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise, sleeping deeper and longer can contribute to a healthier weight, improved concentration, reduced depression, and better immune function. 

However, it can be quite a challenge not just to sleep longer, but to even get quality sleep. With so many things happening in life all at once, people are finding it harder and harder to sleep deeper and longer. A lot of factors can contribute to achieving such a goal, like sleep disorders and poor sleeping environments. At times, however, the problem could be as simple as not having the right mattress, bedding, or pillows. 

Sobakawa Pillows Explained 

It’s hard to imagine how you can sleep soundly without pillows to lay your head on or hug as you sleep on your back. Pillows are one of the essential parts of the bed, and without them, your head and neck might be misaligned as you sleep. That being said, many people can’t rest or sleep without them. But, with many different types of pillows available in the market, it can get quite confusing to choose one that’ll greatly benefit your snooze time. 

Among the most viable options you can go for is the Sobakawa pillow. Also called buckwheat pillows, the Sobakawa is traditionally from Japan and has been a standard sleep accessory because of its malleability and solid structure. The pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that mold flexibly to the shape of the neck and head, thus, providing better support to the body. As a result, your spine, neck, and head are aligned for better posture as you doze off.  

Sobakawa Pillows And Your Wellness Routine 

When you think of pillows in general, you know they’re intended for one purpose only, and that’s for sleeping during bedtime. But, did you know that your Sobakawa pillow can be used for other purposes that may affect overall wellness?  Yes, it’s possible.

Take a look at the following list to know how you can use your buckwheat pillow in your wellness routine: 

1. As A Neck Roll Pillow 

Also called the cervical pillow, a neck roll pillow made from pure organic buckwheat hulls are the best type of sobakawa to use for people who like sleeping on their back. The neck roll type is usually preferred because of its therapeutic benefits since it’s known to provide better support and balance for the shoulders, neck, and head.  

Unknown to many, neck pain may result from specific sleep positions, mainly lying on your stomach. If you’re experiencing neck pain for a while now, primarily upon waking up in the morning, and which could last for a couple of hours, it’s probably caused by how you sleep. Sleeping on your back or side using your buckwheat neck pillow could help in addressing this issue. When adjusted and used correctly, a Sobakawa neck roll pillow may help alleviate neck pain and headaches caused by poor sleep posture.  

Side sleepers are advised to keep their spine straight using a pillow that offers excellent neck support. Your neck should be higher than your head, and being a Sobakawa neck roll pillow is thick enough to keep your head in a higher position, but with enough firmness to not let your head sink down into it. The buckwheat’s malleability makes it possible to provide this right kind of support to help reduce or prevent neck pain. 

2. As An Orthopedic Pillow 

Another way to incorporate a Sobakawa pillow into your wellness routine is to use it as an orthopedic pillow. If you’re into health and wellness, you may be no stranger to orthopedic pillows and how they can provide superior comfort as you sleep, while also enhancing the spine’s alignment. This type of pillow is known to be made specifically to adjust to the natural contour of the head and neck.  

Chiropractors sometimes prescribe orthopedic pillows to people suffering from neck pain because of a vertebrae injury, which could occur when the joint discs are disfigured due to constant tension and stress. Since the Sobakawa pillows are naturally firm and adjustable, they can be used as an orthopedic pillow that allows for customization of firmness and height.

You can add or reduce the buckwheat hulls inside the pillow as needed to meet the firmness and support that you need for your condition. And, because buckwheat hulls are natural, organic, and toxin-free, rest assured that you won’t be inhaling toxic materials that could trigger allergic reactions. 

3. As A Travel Pillow 

If you travel a lot, you can surely relate to how being on the road tends to make you feel uncomfortable or strained. May it be traveling by air or land, it’s better to bring something you can use to rest your neck and head on if you want to catch some sleep while on your way. For such purposes, you can turn to a buckwheat husk travel pillow.  

With its compact size, you can easily take the pillow wherever and whenever you need to go. Whether for a business trip or even a camping escapade for the weekend, you won’t have to worry about not getting comfortable while away from home. Everyone knows that getting a good rest is still important even while you’re out there and exploring the world. With a sobakawa travel pillow, you can expect your wellness to be in check while you’re on the go. 

No matter how cramped your space may be as you travel, you can expect a sobakawa travel pillow to adjust and be malleable enough to accommodate your sleeping position. Your head and neck will be more comfortable and supported, and you can expect not to experience any neck pain the moment you wake up to start your adventure. Just make sure you’re using the pillow correctly and adjust the hulls as you find necessary so you can fully enjoy its wellness benefits. 

4. As A Yoga Or Meditation Cushion 

Yoga is just another activity you can do to improve your wellness. It’s known to provide mental and physical benefits to people of any age and gender. If you’re recovering from an illness, surgery, or any chronic condition, yoga and meditation may help in promoting healing.

Some of the known benefits of yoga are: 

  • It may offer relief for back pain.
  • It may improve flexibility, balance, and strength.
  • It may alleviate the discomfort of swollen and tender joints for people suffering from arthritis.
  • It may boost heart health.
  • It may help reduce stress levels. 
  • It may promote better sleep and relaxation.

As you can see, yoga is quite helpful in more ways than one. And, if you’ve been into this activity for some time now, you know that you can’t do it comfortably and effectively without a yoga cushion. Just so you know, the buckwheat meditation cushion can be extremely helpful during your yoga sessions. As this cushion is specifically made for yoga and meditation, you’ll find that it’s lighter and more moldable compared to regular Sobakawa pillows. The inner and outer cases are also durable, breathable, and washable. 

Aside from yoga, you can also use your buckwheat meditation cushion for similar purposes, such as when engaging in healing prayers or mantras. With a cushion that can mold your knees and other parts of the body, your meditation can be more comfortable, and you can concentrate more on what you need to do to achieve your meditation goals. 

5. As A Reading Pillow 

A Sobakawa pillow isn’t just intended for sleep. You can use it as a reading pillow when you’re not yet feeling sleepy, or it’s still too early for bed. Reading before bedtime may relax your muscles and slow down breathing. It’s a better alternative to watching TV or scrolling on social media since the blue light emitted by the screen only makes it difficult for your brain to process bedtime.  

So, the next time you’re finding it hard to sleep, go ahead and grab your favorite book and start reading the night away. It can help condition your mind, and even enhance brain activity. As a result, you feel calmer, and your stress level could significantly decrease. At the same time, you’ll also find yourself feeling sleepier as you go from one page to another. This is because of the patterned way of scanning that your eyes do while going through the lines and paragraphs. The left-to-right movement of the eyes can exercise the muscle, while also leading them to feel like shutting off at any moment. 

Using a Sobakawa pillow to support our head and neck while you enjoy your book can greatly help. You won’t feel your posture straining because of the flexibility that the pillow provides. When it’s time to sleep, you can simply adjust the pillows you have so you can get into your usual and most comfortable sleeping position. 

6. As A Hypoallergenic Pillow Option 

People who are highly sensitive to certain materials may find it challenging to find suitable pillows that won’t trigger their allergies. For example, feather pillows may be soft, luxurious, and comfortable, but they’re known to make allergies worse because of dust mites. What often happens is they risk the possibility of their allergies acting up just so they can use those kinds of pillows. 

But, just so you know, a Sobakawa pillow is 100% hypoallergenic, hence, making it the ideal option for allergy sufferers. The buckwheat hulls are naturally organic and gluten-free. And, because the hulls are perfectly pressed to achieve their malleable state, the structure is quickly accustomed to better air circulation. As a result, you won’t find it hard to breathe. 

Additionally, buckwheat pillows don’t use synthetic and toxic materials that could potentially trigger allergic reactions. Some pillows use polyurethane or polyester foam, emitting toxins and carcinogens that could cause short-term side effects, such as headaches, sinus problems, and eye irritation. A Sobakawa pillow is free of toxins, so you can rest, knowing that there’s almost no chance of experiencing such side effects. 

7. As A Couch Or Desk Pillow 

You may not normally see Sobakawa pillows being used in couches at home or in the office, but give it a try, and you’ll immediately swap them with your regular throw pillows. Buckwheat pillows are so flexible and versatile that you can use them for a lot of purposes. Suppose you’ve been suffering from neck and back pain while you work on your desk. In that case, you can consider squeezing in your ever-reliable Sobakawa pillow behind your back so you can be more comfortable while typing or working on your computer. 

Hard workers sure know how hours of sitting on their desks could result in chronic pain in the back and neck. Before you know it, it’s already affecting your health and wellness, as well as your quality of life. You could suffer from bad posture and even spine misalignment. Aside from using an ergonomic chair and desk, you can consider adding a Sobakawa pillow for extra support while working. 

It’s More Than Just A Pillow 

There are more than enough ways you can use a Sobakawa pillow to improve your way of living (and not just sleeping.) It’s precisely for this reason that many people prefer this type of pillow whenever they’re shopping for new ones. You can’t put a price on comfort and a good night’s sleep, and, obviously, there are a lot more benefits you can get from a buckwheat pillow. 

Sobakawa pillows can be adjusted and used regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Whether you like sleeping on your stomach, back, or side, you can count on your bolsters to offer the right kind of comfort and support that you need. What’s more, you can use them in your wellness routine.  

Are you the yoga type of person?  A buckwheat cushion is what you need, then. Or, if you like to travel or go on outdoor adventures, there’s also the right kind of Sobakawa travel pillow to match your needs. Aside from these purposes, you can use your buckwheat pillows as a neck roll pillow, an orthopedic pillow, a reading pillow, or a couch or desk pillow. Lastly, it can also aid in wellness as a hypoallergenic option that can help alleviate your allergic