Why do we need to have an organized household? One of the best reasons is because an organized household is the best way for your home to look good. Being organized to your stuff is an epitome to the young ones to follow for them in the future. However, having to organize your household is stressful. You need to invest your time and effort to make your home tidy.

One of the best ways to help you organize your household is by using a wicker basket. A wicker basket is mainly used to store any kind of object. There are different products made with wicker baskets, for example, storage bins, storage cabinets, and more, which we will discuss in this article. Here are some of the best storage ideas you should consider.

1. Woven Wicker Storage Bin With Lid

The first one on our list to help you organize your household is this Woven Wicker Basket Storage Bin with Lid. Wicker baskets are best used to store your toys, books, clothes, and many more, depending on your preference. It is a simple storage bin that is made with the materials of woven wicker. It straightforwardly does its job without complicated steps.

This storage bin is sold in a set of three. You can choose how you want to store them inside your household. If you have limited space in your room, you can stack them on top of each other. You can also place them separately, depending on your preference. This type of storage bin can also easily be moved around because of its lightweight material, which is convenient for you.

This is the best way to hide the things you rarely use daily but want to be stored safely for future purposes. If you don’t want to break your bank and get too much money out of buying a storage bin, then this is the storage bin for you. This is one of the most affordable storage bins on this list and even on any market.

2. MINTWOOD Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket

The second one on our list is this MINT WOOD Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket. This is one of the most innovative ideas on this list. It is a round rope basket that is best to store most of your pillows, blankets, comforters, and any sort of garments. Even though this is made to store garments, pillows, etc., you can also use this to store any objects depending on your needs.

This is the perfect thing to help you organize your household. This is best recommended to be put inside your bedroom or in your living room. A rope basket like this will surely give your household a bohemian vibe to the interior design. Even though this cotton rope basket is soft to touch, this is made with the most durable materials, carrying heavy loads of items.

The dimension of this round-shape cotton rope basket is 15.31 x 12.32 x 5 inches. The weight of this thing is more or less 3.63 pounds. This product has been one of the best sellers and has a 4.8 stars review on Amazon. Take note that the basket is folded because of its massive size, which can lead to some crease that will come back to its original form within a day or two.

3. Round Hamper Basket With Handles

The third one on our list is this Round Hamper Basket With Handles. One of the best things about this basket is the amount of space you can store inside of it and its overall design that will surely level up your interior design. It is a round shape basket with a combination of white on the upper part and brown color on its bottom.

You can use this storage basket to store most of your blankets, clothes, pillows, and more. This can also store used clothes. The lightweight makes it hassle-free when moving around because it is made with the highest quality of lightweight materials. Even though it has lightweight materials, it rests assured to withstand even the heaviest objects.


It is always an inconvenient experience when you are organizing your household. However, with the help of these following wicker baskets will allow you to store most of your stuff safely. Overall, the combination of lightweight material and the bohemian vibes that come with every product is a win to have.

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