How To Watch 365 Days Movies In Order

365 Days watch order guide

If you’re looking for the correct 365 Days watch order, you’ve landed at the perfect spot. The 365 Days series is a trio of erotic thrillers that have grabbed a good deal of attention. Deciding on a watch order is key due to the complexity of the intertwined lives and the releases of three movies. In the case of 365 Days, both the release order and chronological order stay the same, making it simple for fans to follow. This article will not only introduce the series but also explain why the watch order is significant.

How to watch 365 Days in release order?

Watching the 365 Days movies in release order helps follow the story as it unfolds with each new release. This order is ideal since it matches the chronological events in Laura and Massimo’s rollercoaster romance.

365 Days Movies Release Order

  • 365 Days [Feb 7, 2020 | Movie | Runtime: 114 min | IMDb: ★3.3]
  • 365 Days: This Day  [Apr 27, 2022 | Movie | Runtime: 109 min | IMDb: ★2.5]
  • The Next 365 Days [Aug 19, 2022 | Movie | Runtime: 113 min | IMDb: ★2.8]

This is the simplest watch order and accurately reflects the saga in the way the creators intended.

How to watch 365 Days in Chronological Order?

As luck would have it, the chronological order for the 365 Days series is exactly the same as the release order. Therefore, the list above serves both purposes. Watching the series in this order ensures a seamless narrative and character development.

While the release order and the chronological order are one and the same for the 365 Days movies, it is still the recommended watch order. It mirrors the progression of events as imagined by the creators and helps first-time viewers understand the storyline in its intended sequence. For those revisiting the films, this order allows for a richer appreciation of the plot’s build-up and character arcs.

Overview of the plot, storyline, and key elements of the 365 Days series

365 Days is a series that revolves around a passionate and complicated love story set amidst Mafia intrigue. The narrative focuses on Laura, a sales director, and Massimo, a Sicilian Mafia boss. As the story progresses, viewers will notice a development in character dynamics and the pace of the story. The series is set in a world of luxury and crime and has a unique brand of sensuality and power play.

How much time will it take to complete the 365 Days series?

To complete the 365 Days series, viewers would spend approximately 5 hours and 36 minutes. This accounts for the total run-time of all three movies.


In summary, the 365 Days watch order is straightforward, as the series should be watched in the order of release which is identical to the chronological order. Remembering this will provide the best viewing experience as intended by the movie makers. Embrace the dramatic, sultry world of 365 Days and let yourself be swept away by its story.

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Written by Harper Davis

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