Many people think a large amount of money is necessary for cryptocurrency investment. But if you use accumulated investment, anyone can easily invest in cryptocurrency with fewer funds. Here we are going to highlight the details of bitcoin crypto investment.  And at the same time, we will also introduce where you can invest in Bitcoin Reserve Investment.

What is Bitcoin (virtual currency) savings investment?

Reserve investment is one of the investment methods to purchase a specific financial asset at a certain amount every month. It is often done in mutual funds and stock trading. But it is also a method that is attracting attention in cryptocurrency investment. The big difference from a savings deposit is that it automatically purchases virtual currency with fluctuating prices instead of cash.

In particular, financial assets with large price fluctuations have price fluctuation risk. But in accumulation investment, the purchase timing is diversified, so the risk of price fluctuation can be suppressed, so it is a risk hedge. In addition, since there is no expiration date and you can sell at your favourite time, it can be said that it is a savings investment that is easy to start.

In this way, a method of continuing to purchase financial instruments with price fluctuations regularly at a constant amount of money and over time is called the “dollar-cost averaging method.”

Use Bitcoin for Savings

Bitcoin, like mutual funds and savings deposits, can be accumulated by purchasing a certain amount of Bitcoin every month. There is no difficulty in the procedure.

In accumulated investment, there is no need to perform trading operations while looking at the transaction screen in front of a PC or smartphone. 

Bitcoin Savings Investment Simulation

If you make a savings investment with Bitcoin, you will be curious about how much money it will be in the future.This result is a simulation based on the actual performance of the price change of Bitcoin during the assumption that the accumulation will start in September 2018 and end in August 2020. But it should be noted that the profit is nearly four times the principal in only 3 years.You can’t predict the future from this simulation, and it doesn’t promise profits. 

Use the accumulation service to make a savings investment

A recommended method for beginners in Bitcoin (virtual currency) trading is to invest in savings using a savings service. You can use it immediately by choosing an exchange that offers Bitcoin accumulation services, opening an account, and deciding on the amount of savings.

Benefits of Bitcoin Savings Investment

There are various benefits to investing in Bitcoin (virtual currency). Let’s review them here :

Investments can be made from a small amount

The merit of Bitcoin (virtual currency) accumulation investment is that you can invest from a small amount even if you do not have a collective fund. 1 bitcoin has a market value of several million dollars, but it is also possible to start investing from about 1 coin.

Cryptocurrencies are suitable for saving on investment

The Reserve Investment Act prolongs the investment period for a single financial instrument and assumes long-term asset formation. Although cryptocurrencies repeat large ups and downs, there is a tendency that the price is rising in the long term, so it makes sense to invest in savings in the long term.

Hassle-free investment

In the reserve investment, if you first set the stock, the buying cycle, and the purchase amount, it will automatically invest by leaving it to the exchange. As long as you prepare monthly funds, you can accumulate to invest within the same time without doing anything in particular.

There is almost no such risk or hassle in saving investment. Except for those who want to enjoy the thrill, saving investment that can be invested from a minimum of labour and risk, a small amount of money, has great merit.


This blog introduced the money-making idea of Bitcoin with saving investment (virtual currency). You understand that the “accumulation service” provided by cryptocurrency exchanges benefits those who want to profit from cryptocurrency in the medium to long term. The contents of the savings service differ depending on the exchange. Besides, you can also trade with Ethereum Code.

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