If you’re seeking to get involved in the ever evolving world of Cryptocurrency, the primary step is to consider whether you’ll trade the assests, store the digital currencies or speculate on their rise and fall. Earlier people were skeptical about buying these digital assests but at present, the shift from traditional ways to online crypto trading is quite visible. With the appearance of new currencies, more and more people are willing to invest and trade Cryptocurrencies. The following article will help you understand how online cryptocurrency trading works? What are the benefits of crypto trading and answers to long standing debate of Binance vs Coinbase

Let’s start from scratch and understand briefly 

Why Should You Invest IN Cryptocurrencies

Although there are a large number of digital assests trending in the market, the common factor which unites them is that they operate as decentralized network, called blockchain. Having a decentralized network has it’s own benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • You don’t have to pay overhead costs to banks. 
  • You can easily do transactions internationally without having to pay much. 
  • You can eliminate the financial intermediates directly by following in built trading strategies. 

How Can You Trade Cryptocurrencies Online? 

If you’re new to trading online digital assests, then you must consider doing it by registering yourself on a Crypto-trading platform. But, if you’re well aware of the risks then start with registering yourself on a Crypto brokerage platform like Coinbase, Binance, eToro and Gemini. Follow the steps given below to start your trading journey. 

  1. Register yourself on Crypto brokerage Platform.

You can easily make an account by providing personal identification details like address and DOB. A challenge that many face, is to decide between the platforms like Binance Vs Coinbase, Gemini vs eToro. For this, look for genuinereviews on the internet or consult a trading expert. 

  1. Start Funding your online account.
  2. Choose a Cryptocurrency to invest in. 
  3. Follow a strategy.

There many ways in which you can trade cryptocurrencies. You can buy or sell the assests or hold them and wait for prices to shoot up. One such popular way is CFD’s.

What are CFD’s? 

Contract For Difference or CFD is something sort of a contract the ensures to pay the difference between opening and closing trades in the settlement price.

Pros of Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Individuality and Anonymity

Unlike the traditional brokerage, when you trade digital assets, transactions can’t be traced back to you. Therefore, making you and your company anonymous on the web and securing your data. This is only possible because of the decentralized network cryptocurrencies have.

  • Independent from Supervisory Bodies

The absence of any intermediary body and government control eliminates extra fees and restrictions on every transaction. As cryptocurrencies are stored in virtual wallets, to which only the owner has access to, it’s also very secure.

  • Ease Of Transaction

With cryptocurrency, you can rapidly convert and exchange digital assests to different currencies across the globe. From dollar, euros to rupee, with one click you can enable conversions and buy other assets. 

We hope you found the article helpful and wish you all the fortune for your next crypto trading deal. 

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