Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s Net worth in 2022

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi's Net worth in 2022

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi is a Japanese, probably best known as the founder of Seibu Corporation.

He was the richest person in the world from 1987 to 1994 due to the fortune that he made over the years through Seibu Corporation and the real-estate business.

Net worthinherited
Last Updated:February 13, 2006
Born:May 29, 1934
Source of Wealth:Real estate

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s Net Worth Over Time

According to Forbes, Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s assets have been inherited by the law due to vast corruption. However, Yoshiaki Tsutsumiwas named the wealthiest person in the world during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Due to this series of scandals, Forbes has delisted Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s net worth in 2007.

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s Companies

  •  Seibu Corporation

How did Yoshiaki Tsutsumi become rich?

Most of Yoshiaki Tsutsumi’s wealth comes from Seibu Corporation and other investments in real estate.

Career Highlights

  • Forbes ranked Yoshiaki Tsutsumi as the richest person in the world from 1987-1994.
  • 2005 Yoshiaki Tsutsumi was arrested for financial crimes and due to this his good faith in the commercial industry was fallen.
  • Forbes removed Yoshiaki Tsutsumi from the ranking list in 2007.
  • 1987, he had a net worth of $20 billion

Famous Yoshiaki Tsutsumi Quotes

Everywhere you go sky is the sky and people are the people.

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi