Alexiou Gibson’s Net Worth in 2023 – Shark Tank Sea Moss Gel Founder’s Success Story

Alexiou Gibson's Net Worth in 2023 - Shark Tank Sea Moss Gel Founder's Success Story

Alexiou Gibson is the owner and the founder of The Transformation Factory (TTF). It’s a fruity-flavored sea moss gel company. Also, he is a former NASA intern and even joined a project designing a prototype vehicle for Mars.

Alexiou appeared on Shark Tank season 13 and secured a deal with Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban. Alexiou is 35 years old and has a whopping net worth of 3.85 Million USD as of 2023.

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How did Alexiou Gibson build his wealth?

Alexiou Gibson is the current CEO and the President of “The Transformation Factory“. Also, he has been managing a company named HAM for around 10 years

His business idea was inspired after he started his weight loss journey. He decided to incorporate his native diet into his meal plan and got the attention of many on social media.

As a Bahamian native, Sea moss was always a staple in my culture as a healing agent and an immune system booster.

Alexiou Gibson

He started to sell the product online and pitched the Shark Tank with flavored moss gel products. After the successful pitch, the company’s net worth increased from half a million within 24 hours.

However, according to our research online, the company’s current net worth is around 3.85 Million USD this year. And now, his goal is to help others to get healthy. And currently, he is working on a project to provide the required support to underserved youth to achieve success.

Alexiou Gibson’s story until Shark Tank appearance

Alexiou has been a talented and genius student since childhood. So, he gained the Martin Luther King leadership award, the Global Citizen Award, and the Buick Engineering Scholarship. With that success, he became an intern at NASA.

However, despite his academic success, he struggled with health issues due to being overweight, just like the other goals. He decided to fight his 500lb weight self and lose weight. He shared his journey and the fantastic lifestyle of his grandmother.

Alexiou became a vegan and exercised for over six hours in the gym. Especially he shared his diet with sea moss and lost around half his weight.

This attracts many interested people, like Nurses’ attention. And it was soon developed into a successful million-dollar worth business. Following that now, he became the CEO of the TTF sea moss gel company.

However, appearing on Shark Tank is one of his most significant turning points.

Alexiou Gibson’s Shark Tank appearance

Alexiou appeared on Shark Tank season 13episode 24 last year. He expected 500,000 USD for 5% of shares of his company. And the company had around 1.4 million USD profit from a 3.5 million USD sales volume at that time.

Sharks were immediately interested in the product after hearing about this high-profit margin. Also, happy to join the business to keep the product shelf stable. Because of that, Alexiou receives multiple offers from the Sharks.

Kevin Hart offers $ 500,000 for 20% of the equity with Barbara Corcoran. And Kevin O’Leary came with $ 500,000 for 30%.

But after some negotiations, he finalized a deal with Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban for $600,000 for 20% of equity.

And according to the online reports, the deal went through a few months after the show officially aired. But all the success started after the Shark Tank episode.

Alexiou Gibson’s biography and early life

Alexiou Gibson born in 1986. He was a native Bahamian and had been an intelligent student since childhood. He studied Associate of Arts and Pre-Engineering at Palm Beach State College. Gibson graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

NameAlexiou Gibson
 Birth year1987
EducationBachelor of Engineering – BE-Electrical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University
CompaniesCEO-Highly Ambitious Studios (HAM)
CE0- The Transformation Factory

With this amazing success at the academic level, he joined as chief of technology intern at NASA. He stayed there for over one year and joined as Curiosity Rover Procurement Manager in a project developing prototypes for the Curiosity Rover. Then he worked as an implementation specialist at Breezer mobile cooling company.

Then he joined Assura as a project manager and started his first company, Highly Ambitious Studios (HAM), in 2012—the Transformation Factory in 2020.

With that now, he’s the CEO of both companies with a multi-million net worth.

Alexiou Gibson’s success after Shark Tank

Alexiou managed to turn his business into a multi-million-worth deal at the Shark Tank. His Florida-based sea moss gel company gained attention from many people after the show. He already had a 35% profit margin, and the company was 100% online.

With his new success and connections, he started to conduct programs for education for underserved youth. Also, he shared his successful weight loss journey as a motivational speaker. He was also featured in many local media as a successful entrepreneur.

He is successfully continuing his business and social work as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Family and Relationship         

“The Transformation Factory” superfood idea of Alexiou Gibson was inspired by his native foods, as Sea moss was always a part of Bahamian cuisine.

He admired the healthy lifestyle of his grandmother through social media. He then tried to improve his diet by looking at his grandmother, who always uses sea moss in her tea and soups.

Besides that, there isn’t much information about his other family members and relationships. 

Alexiou Gibson’s Instagram and social media profiles

Alexiou Gibson and his company, the Transformation Factory, are always active on social media, and they often update about their new products and sales.


Alexiou Gibson is a successful entrepreneur with over $3 million net worth in 2023, and he successfully follows his goal of helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

As a notable motivational speaker, he continues delivering his message to the youth looking for a successful future.


How is Sea moss Gel doing after Shark Tank?

The Transformation Factory Sea moss gel is still in business in 2023. Also, it sells over 2000 jars per day.

Who owns the Transformation Factory Sea moss Gel?

Alexiou Gibson is the founder, current President and CEO of the Transformation Factory Sea moss gel company.

Who is the CEO of sea moss?

Alexiou Gibson is the current CEO of the sea moss gel company.

Is Sea moss worth buying?

Yes, Buying Sea moss gel is worth it for everyone searching for options for a healthy diet. Especially people trying new products for weight loss are interested in the product.

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