World’s First Wireless OLED TV can catch itself if it falls off your wall

Displace made waves at CES 2023 with their introduction of a truly wireless TV, but there’s more to the story than just cutting the cords.

Initially, there was skepticism. A TV that can be mounted on any wall without wires sounded ambitious. But what caught everyone’s attention was its self-lowering feature. If there’s an issue, the TV gently places itself onto the floor, reducing the risk of damage.

Displace’s CEO, Balaji Krishnan, provided insight into their vision. He shared the extensive safety tests they undertook before its debut. The goal for Krishnan isn’t just entertainment; he envisions these TVs as a staple in homes, emphasizing their ease of use and safety.

The TV’s underlying technology is impressive. It uses an active-loop vacuum system for wall mounting, eliminating the need for traditional drills and screws. In-built sensors continuously monitor the battery and the wall attachment’s stability. When the TV detects a problem, it activates adhesive patches and employs its self-lowering system. For households with pets, the TV also issues an alert to ensure they’re safe during the process.

Beyond its safety features, Displace’s TV addresses common user grievances. It’s lightweight, making mounting less cumbersome. Users can also combine multiple units for a larger display. Replaceable batteries power the TV, and it incorporates intuitive controls like hand gestures, touch, and voice. Its facial recognition ensures content follows the viewer from room to room.

Those interested can reserve one on Displace’s website with a refundable deposit. Deliveries are projected for mid-Q2 2024. In an era of rapid tech innovations, Displace’s offering stands out, prioritizing both user experience and safety.

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Written by MSM Riham

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