New bicycle tires inspired by NASA don’t need to be filled with air

Have you ever been frustrated by a flat tire on your bike? There’s some exciting news from the SMART Tire Company in Ohio. They’ve developed a new kind of bike tire called “Metl.” that doesn’t need any air, and it’s inspired by technology from NASA!

How Space Tech Made Better Bike Tires

Most of the tires we see on bikes lose air over time and can get damaged easily. But Metl tires are different. They make them from a special metal mix called NiTinol instead of rubber.This makes them look a bit like those slinky toys we play with. And just like a slinky, they can bounce back into shape.

The company is really proud of these tires and even calls them “space-age tires.” They’re smooth to ride on, just like regular tires, but you don’t have to pump them. Plus, they make riding a bit easier because they roll smoothly.

Lots of people are excited about these tires. Over 10,000 bike riders are waiting to get them. . Over 10,000 cyclists have already joined the waitlist for these tires, as highlighted on the company’s Kickstarter page. Additionally, the campaign has already amassed close to $80,000, far surpassing its initial goal of $25,000, and there are still over 20 days left. The Metl tire model was honored with two innovation awards at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Brian Yennie, who helped start the company, said they chose to make bike tires first so they could get them to people faster. They’re selling different sizes, and one of them weighs about as much as a big bottle of water.

The company started in 2020 with some help from a NASA program. They worked with NASA to make these tires using special metals that can handle space’s tough conditions. The tires are strong, and they don’t get punctures or tears easily.

Good for Bikers, Better for Earth

The company wants to make tires better for the environment. Right now, the U.S. throws away a lot of old rubber tires every year. The SMART Tire Company hopes their new tires will change the way we think about tires and help the environment. They’ve also found ways to make these tires without spending too much money. Each tire might cost between $100-150.

In the end, these new tires are pretty cool. They’re strong, they don’t need air, and they might even change the way we use tires in the future.

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