Whether we accessed social games in person or over the internet, they have long been part of our lives. However, social games have started to make their mark on people only recently with the rapid growth of online games. People find them pleasant and entertaining for numerous reasons — from spending time with friends to encouraging relaxation. 

If all of that sounds good, but you still haven’t tried playing social games, what’s stopping you? To help you make that first step, keep reading to find out why playing social games is good for you while learning about their many advantages.

Social Advantages of Games

Due to their name, social games come with many social advantages that help players in these trying times. What’s more, online social games have been on the rise in the past year, appealing to more people worldwide.

Social Fulfillment 

As you can probably guess, one of the main appeals of social games is social fulfillment. Playing games that you can commonly find on House of Fun: free casino slots & casino games, and similar sites facilitates relationships among people. This is probably one of the most entertaining ways to connect with family and friends if you’re far apart.

Interestingly, more than 75% of social players have reported that playing social games has brought them closer to important people in their lives. So, if you need to maintain closer relationships with people, dipping your toes into social gaming waters is the way to go.

Similarly, social games represent an excellent opportunity to meet new people online and create new friendships and relationships. When it comes to such social opportunities, the choices are endless.

Psychological Fulfilment

Research shows that playing social games becomes enjoyable because it satisfies the players’ needs of autonomy, relatedness, and competence. 

So, choosing to play a game like Poker Heat gives the player a sense of autonomy because it refers to their freedom of choice. Games with feedback, choices, and rewards promote a sense of free will among players, making them more prone to pick such games again.

When talking about relatedness, players refer to having a social experience with other players, which increases enjoyment and motivation that allows them to play for longer.

Lastly, competence is connected to a player’s feeling of success when overcoming a challenge. Many social games come with such features as those you can find on social networks. Games that provide positive feedback to players allow them to feel a sense of competence.

Reasons for Playing Social Games

Besides the advantages mentioned above, we also have some concrete reasons why social games have proven beneficial for people. Take a look.

  • Enhances concentration, memory, and brain speed — Strategy and problem-solving games require players to take in and remember a lot of information. Thus, such games help players work on their memory, concentration and help the brain process information quickly.
  • Better multitasking skills — Paying attention to your own skills and those of your opponents requires multitasking. Studies have shown such games help develop better multitasking skills with younger players.
  • Stronger future career skills — Complex games allow players to learn strategic and analytical skills and then reward them for reacting quickly and promptly. Such skills are easily transferable to real-life jobs, thus preparing players for future careers.
  • Clearer perspective — People immerse themselves in the virtual world and experience different cultures, thus gaining various perspectives. It helps people learn about the world around them, offering many growth opportunities.

Best Social Games to Try

If you’ve decided to try online social games, we suggest starting with the basics. 

Some of the most common forms of social games are those you can find on social media networks, like Facebook. Games like Criminal Case, FarmVille, and Candy Crush are some of the most popular social games. These are considered low-intensity games, so they are great for people looking to kill some time.

Also, casino games are a commonly played type of social game. So, look for games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, slots, and others to immerse yourself into this online world.

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