How Casino Gambling Is Becoming More Popular Than Ever

The Internet and technological progress have changed many areas of human life. They made some things popular, while others were forced to go far on the shelf. After the advent of video streaming services, equipment for playing DVD movies was unnecessary. And there are several reasons for this. Technological advances have had an impact on online gaming as well.

Users can launch online pokies QLD, play with live dealers, and receive numerous bonuses without leaving home. This makes online gambling quite popular among different people. Below we will consider the main reasons why online casinos are so popular among players and why the popularity of such sites is growing yearly.

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COVID-19 Pandemic – Reasons for Going Online

It is impossible to deny that the pandemic has penetrated almost all spheres of human life. Since the emergence of the virus in March 2020, the world has changed dramatically. People had to figure out how to survive in the new realities. The shift to online has taken place in many areas. Most people were even forced to switch to remote work.

The pandemic has also changed the gambling industry. Online casino games have taken center stage. They helped to spend leisure time without leaving home. According to statistics, between 2016 and 2021, the online gambling industry grew by an average of 11.94% per year.

The popularity of online casinos was also provoked by the fact that classic land-based establishments could not work as before. Due to restrictions imposed to prevent the virus, gamblers had to look for alternatives when land-based casinos forcibly closed their doors. During this period, online casinos have a maximum influx of customers.

Diverse Bonus Program

The popularity of casinos is not entirely dependent on the pandemic. The growth of interest in such online gambling was observed long before the start of quarantine. Online platforms have several features that make them more attractive than land-based casinos. One of these features can be called the presence of bonuses. Online casinos offer a developed bonus program, which is different from the traditional promotions found in classic establishments.

All offers can be divided into categories:

  1. Welcome bonus. The client gets it after registration. The player only needs to create an account. There are two options for accruals – just for registration or for a deposit. In the first case, we are talking about no deposit accruals. The client can send the accrued money to bets to get acquainted with the casino without risk. As bonuses for the deposit, +% to the deposit and free spins are issued.
  2. Promo codes. The client receives a code to the mail specified during registration, and a promotional code can also be found on thematic forums. Each combination is responsible for issuing a specific type of bonus.
  3. Cashback. The client can count on the return of a certain % of the lost amount to the bonus account. This step reduces the total losses and does not allow the gambler to go into a profound loss.

Casino bonuses have some limitations. The player will not be able to take the donated money immediately. First, he will have to fulfill the conditions of the wager. This indicator indicates how much you must send to bets to pick up bonuses. For example, for a deposit bonus, the wager is x20. The casino client replenished his account with $20. As an incentive, another $20 was credited to his bonus account. You need to send $400 to the bet to make money available for withdrawal. There are also certain restrictions on wagering bonuses.

Expanding the Boundaries of Space and Time

The main disadvantage of land-based casinos is that they limit the gambler to one place where you can try your luck and count on winning. You can play online casinos from anywhere in the world. Here, the player is not limited by time and space. The user can start slots at any time. Games are available anywhere.

Many online casinos are mobile-friendly. Operators release their mobile applications or make an adapted website version. As a result, you can play at home and work, at the airport, in a restaurant, in a park, in a car, in a traffic jam, etc.

Furthermore, visiting an online casino does not need to follow a specific dress code. Above-ground venues often have strict rules for the visitor’s dress code.

Access to a Wide Variety of Games

Visitors to a land-based casino will be very disappointed that their favorite game did not appear in the establishment, especially when you had to travel a long way to a gambling establishment. Land-based venues offer limited access to entertainment. It all depends on the area of ​​​​a particular site – if there is not enough space, it is simply physically impossible to place all the games.

In online casinos, the range of available games is practically unlimited. Slots number in the thousands, and tables with table and card games are also available. All online casino games are conveniently divided into categories. Also, the client can use the search to find the slot of interest quickly.

Access to Games in Demo Mode

This feature is only available at online casinos. Customers can play slots for free without risking real money. All functions are available in the game without restrictions. For bets, virtual coins are credited to the balance. If they run out, the client can easily continue the game, for this is enough to reload the page in the browser.

The demo mode will be helpful for beginner gamblers. This way, they will be able to study a particular slot’s rules, understand its work’s mechanics, and possibly choose the right strategy on the way to getting a big win.

Reduced Risk of Losing to Zero

In an online casino, the client is limited by the money that he has on deposit. After a losing streak and the funds run out, the player has time to weigh all the odds and risks before continuing with the gameplay.

Large Selection of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

In land-based casinos, clients can purchase chips for cash or with a bank card. In online casinos, the list of available payment methods has been expanded. 

Transactions can be made using the following:

  • Bank cards;
  • Prepaid cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Other payment systems.

The Cashier section contains all the necessary information about payments. It also shows the minimum / maximum amount, the period money is received, the size of the commission, and other information.


Now, players have a choice – to visit land-based casinos or place bets in online establishments. At the same time, most players prefer online gambling. These advantages make it possible to understand why this is happening.