Nowadays, time has been among the scarcest resources. People don’t have that much time that they can spare in reading a book. In the modern age, people mostly like to listen to audio books to know about the stories that great writers have written. Another very good way to come to know about the books is the films that are adapted from books. Previously there were categories of books and people used to look for the best sellers to enjoy the stories. But in the current time, it has been very hard for any book to earn such a tag of being an iconic one. A book takes a considerable amount of time to be read. You need to concentrate on it to understand and enjoy the story. On the other hand, movies based on those books take less than 2 hours and there they tell the whole story. It is the major reason why the modern generation is relying more on films to get to know new stories.

Something similar is also prevalent in the mainstream film industry. People from all over the world now prefer films based on popular novels or stories moreover than films which are standing alone. This has cleared the intention of the viewers that they want to relate their imagination with the real world and are interested to see whether their imaginations can cope with that of the filmmakers. You can see the dual effect of this trend in the market. When a movie is made on a successful book, the selling of the book increases in the market or vice versa. On the contrary, very few stand-alone movies are getting a place on the list of the top popular movies.

For instance, you can consider the Harry Potter series. The famous novel of J.K. Rowling was famous among the kids of the first decade of the new century. But when they were screened as movies, sales of both the books and the movie tickets touched the sky. Some kids who read the books previously went to see the movies to match their imaginations. On the other hand, some of the kids who saw the movies first, bought the books to keep the charm of the movies alive. Harry Potter has 7 parts and the movie series has 8. The producer and the investors didn’t have to worry about the success of the movies.

Movies are rated by different organizations and people. The critics mainly talk about the movies based on the different aspects of it like the story of the movie, presence of the story, lighting, and background score to create the ambiance, and so on. All these things take the movies up or down on the list of critics. But there are no such dimensions to criticize it for those movies based on famous stories for the viewers. They just want to enjoy the movies and thus there are gaps between the best movies as per the critics’ choice and the best movie according to the viewership. There are several such stories based on such novels or cartoons as Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings, and many more. As per the survey report of online casino Betway, these kinds of movies have become more successful and earn the most money.

Similarly, there is an eagerness among the people to know about what is next. This is why, after releasing the7th part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I, the producers didn’t have to think about the success of the last part of the movie series which was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II. Among all the movies released that year, though this movie didn’t get that much praise from the critics, it came into the list of IMDB top 10 as per its financial earning. Several critics argued that the reason behind the success of the Harry Potter movies was the quality of the books. This is why these movies have higher ratings as per Goodreads than that of IMDB. So in conclusion, it is evident that successful stories and novels can make successful films that become more popular among people.

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