Whether or not you are aware of this fact but gaming consoles are the dirtiest device that you probably own in your household. These little guys are the most unnoticed and uncleaned gadgets found in a house as per several pieces of research. Today, we will address this matter and let you know the importance of cleaning gaming consoles.

Gaming consoles are found in numbers in a gamer’s room yet it is the most neglected item that a gamer owns. Cleanliness is a choice that varies from person to person, but today let us show you a little information that shows how much bacteria, yeast, or other micro-germs pile up on these gadgets. Depending on its shapes and sizes, the amount of dirt differs on these consoles.

Dirties Gaming Consoles as Per Research

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As per various researches on gaming consoles, the data shows you the results of the dirtiest consoles of various brands. However, today’s top pics are 3 consoles that are widely popular and owned by many. Starting with:

  • Desktop/PC

Apparently the most used device out of all consoles, PCs are the most neglected device regarding cleanliness. The amount of bacterial/fungi presence on its Keyboard and Mouse is astounding by a large margin.

This situation happens in the areas of Keyboard buttons where dirt takes a bigger place than other parts of a desktop. Then there’s the mouse which is constantly touched by fingers and has 160 units per swab bacterial presence.

Although the unit of bacterial presence is found to be increased by 250 colony-forming units, a Mouse can have a bigger percentage of bacteria than a kitchen sink or surface.

  • Xbox

This is another hugely played console worldwide that has more than 60 plus units of bacterial presence per swab. The dirt ratio is though lower than other consoles, it is still bigger than what you find on toilet seats.

Yes, as bizarre as it sounds, some Xbox controllers are found to have 5000 colony-forming bacteria units per swab and this is the worst-case scenario. Mostly the dirt particles are found in between buttons of these controllers than the surface area of Xbox, hence these places need to be cleaned.

  • PlayStation

Saving the dirtiest console for the last. Yes, to all the PlayStation owners, please have mindful attention to the percentage of bacterial presence on this device. The margin is by far the highest, 180 units per swab, much greater than the combined dirt percentage of a toilet seat and kitchen surface.

Mainly the buttons and joysticks of this device hold a higher percentage of dirt than the other areas. It is also the highest-selling console among gamers online. Unfortunately, the awareness on cleaning these devices is null, hence this bizarre count keeps growing per day. 

Such data clearly indicates the lack of knowledge and understanding among people to understand hygiene importance of gadgets. Not only people but their possession is meant to be cleaned too, period!

Is Cleanliness of Consoles Important?

Well, bacterial presence is a real thing no matter how clean a surface is. However, as per the researches that we talked about, Xbox controllers only have less percentage of bacteria than others. But, does it mean it should not be cleaned?

While these germs are not harmful or deadly, they can have effects on kids or immune-prone adults. Germs are never friendly, if consumed by a great amount, they can react on one’s body! So, yes, cleaning these devices and checking mould, bacteria, or yeast in is important.

Not necessarily these little guys need to be cleaned every day, but once a week is definitely mandatory. It is both healthy for you and your gadgets.

Which Part of Gaming Consoles Is the Dirtiest?

The answer is extremely convincing, as you would also agree that holes and circular surfaces get the dirtiest. Gaming consoles are similarly affected by bacteria, as the highest percentage is found inside buttons and Joysticks of consoles.

It is also extremely fascinating to see that compared to other everyday items, different surface areas of these consoles hold greater/lesser bacterial presence. But till now, no one has beaten the dirt presence of a kitchen surface than other items.

Nonetheless, we think it is high time we become extra conscious on germ spreads. Cleanliness is not a prerogative, it is necessary. To avoid any potential health risk, you must clean your consoles if not every other day but quite often.

Awareness starts from one person and then it spreads. So, be that person knowledgeable and understanding of this issue and let your gamer buddies know about its importance. No matter which type of gaming consoles they are using, it needs to be clean and tidy. Also, sometimes, cleaning the inputs of these devices will keep them last longer.

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