Many people may avoid trying to get disability benefits, or having to face social security to get aid for a disability, simply because the process is so strewn out and difficult to get rolling with. 

It is complicated, and it is the application for disability that is the primary time most disability lawyers are hired. 

Social Security for disability is a complicated system, riddled with jargon, medical terminology, specific criteria, and hardcore deadlines, all of which make the process a real headache. 

It is poor that you have to go through this when already dealing with a disability, but it is the case, and this is why disability lawyers are a thing. They can help you. 

You might usually glance at the forms for application, and give in straight away, or you may give it a go and get a rejection letter for some minor issue. 

Having a disability lawyer takes away all of this, and this is why so many disability lawyers are hired to help with this process. They take the stress away and increase your chances of having a successful application. You get your benefits faster too! will help you to find out more about why hiring a disability lawyer through this process will be so beneficial to you. 

For now, let us tell you exactly why it’s worth it.

Why Is It A Good Idea?

So, yes, you should hire a disability lawyer when you are filing for disability to get your benefits, whether it is short term or long term. They can be the difference between a successful application and an unsuccessful application. 

So, what will they be able to do for you? 

Consider the things we look at below, and this will explain not only why having a disability lawyer on your side can change things for you, but also how they can help you. This can apply in many situations, as well as the primary disability application.

Avoid Much Of The Waiting Around

Like many things, expect the SSD system to be crazy backlogged. There’s many people applying for disability benefits, and many are waiting ages to be seen and considered. 

Having a lawyer means no waiting in a long line, or getting stuck on hold as you wait. You might never actually have to leave your home to deal with the government and their process at all. 

A disability lawyer essentially helps you to put your feet up. 

Paperwork is a breeze

You will probably agree with us when we say that government paperwork is probably one of the biggest headaches known to mankind. When applying for disability benefits the forms are about 40 pages long. 

You need to give information about your condition, work history, level of education, personal info, and capabilities. 

Gathering this information can be as draining as trying to scale a mountain in a snowstorm, especially when your health is not in tiptop condition. Enter a disability lawyer, they’ve got you, they can handle this draining process. 

They can take over this process for you, and they will complete the forms in a way that will give your claim extra validity. Why would you not want this?

Get What You Need Quicker & Easier

A disability lawyer has done this a million times (or nearly). They know what they are doing. There will be no learning curve with this. They can determine if your condition meets the criteria, and will be able to obtain the correct evidence to support you.

If it gets denied, they can identify the issue and overcome it. 

If they can get you approved sooner they will, and they will find a way to ensure this. 

They Speak The Lingo

SSD is very confusing, the rules are confusing, the qualifications are confusing, the regulation. Don’t even get us started on all the jargon and acronyms. 

You’ve a better chance of becoming fluent in Morse code than understanding what they’re about. Luckily a well-trained disability lawyer will know the jargon and acronyms and you won’t be left trying to translate. 

Not every application or interaction with SSD is accepted, that is just a hard fact of life. However, you do have a better chance with a disability lawyer, whatever the case. 

They may actually be able to completely eliminate any need for having a hearing at all, they can put together a very convincing legal brief, stating your argument to receive benefits. 

It can save you stress, time, money, and you can get what you need faster. 

It’s just what you need right now! 

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