What was once Very Popular, but is now almost Completely Forgotten?

What was once Very Popular, but is now Completely Forgotten

Have you ever wondered what once held the limelight but now barely registers a blip on the radar of cultural memory? Recently, a curious Redditor asked, “What was once very popular, but is now almost completely forgotten?” Here, we’ll quench your curiosity by presenting some surprising answers.

Here are top-voted answers from Ask Reddit, where users shared their thoughts on trends that have faded away.

Flappy Bird

Remember the addictive frustration of guiding a pixelated bird through a maze of pipes? Once a gaming sensation, Flappy Bird fluttered out of existence as quickly as it soared to fame.

Old Vine Challenges

The infectious joy of the Harlem Shake and other Vine challenges may have faded, but the memories of those quirky dances linger.

Yellow Pages/White Pages

Before Google, thick directories connected us – the Yellow and White Pages, now consigned to history’s archives.

Pay Phone

A relic of the past, the pay phone once symbolized communication on the go, but smartphones now reign supreme.

Faxing Jokes

Long before memes went viral, faxing jokes provided pre-internet workplace amusement, showcasing how humor evolved in the digital age.

Fidget Spinners

A whirlwind trend that captivated hands everywhere before spinning its way into oblivion.

MySpace and LiveJournal

These platforms were once social media giants, now overshadowed by their successors.

Angry Birds 

Launching feathered missiles at green pigs thrilled millions, but this avian obsession gradually took a backseat.

High Capacity Removable Magnetic Storage

Zip and Jaz disks promised storage solutions, but technology’s rapid progress rendered them obsolete.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

A campaign that made a splash for a cause, uniting people and raising awareness before slipping from public consciousness.


In the ever-changing landscape of trends, what was once celebrated can quickly become a memory, obscured by the ever-shifting sands of time. The Ask Reddit community has provided a fascinating glimpse into the collective amnesia that befalls even the most popular phenomena.

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