What To Expect Working With A Video Production Company

What To Expect Working With A Video Production Company

Are you creating a new brand that requires a market awareness campaign? Or do you have a well-established brand launching a new product or offer that requires a marketing campaign? Well, whatever your requirement is, a video production company could be just what you need if you want to create a video-centric marketing campaign.

A video production company brings your video marketing visions to reality. They can take care of the complete campaign and work with you to communicate your brand’s message to your target audience. The work at a video production company can range from scripting and planning to the actual execution of a marketing concept or campaign.

Videos have historically been quite an effective way for brands to get their message across, and with the growing use of social media platforms, it has become even more popular. Targeted video advertisements are shown to users on many free websites and platforms; thus, many brands now require high-quality video content more frequently.

What Exactly is a Video Production Company?

Now let us look deeper into what a video production company actually is. A video production company produces video material for the marketing plans of other businesses. Commercials, web advertisements, product demonstrations, corporate videos, and videos for employee training are all included in this video material.

Film production firms are different from video production companies since they primarily produce films or television programs. However, video production companies frequently produce shorter material for a number of channels as a part of a bigger marketing plan.

A video production company, in the broadest sense, develops, shoots, and edits videos for other businesses and organizations. You’d be surprised to learn how much more difficult daily tasks are than you would imagine. Here is a summary of what tasks a video production company performs:

  • Meeting and working with clients
  • Carrying out market and product research
  • Making storyboards
  • Developing scripts
  • Identifying potential settings for movies
  • Casting, obtaining props, and making clothing items
  • Making audio and video recordings
  • Video editing i.e. putting together clips.
  • Combining music and audio tracks.
  • Making SFX, motion graphics, and animations.
  • Sharing videos online and making airing arrangements with TV stations.

Many video production companies are available in the market to provide a premium experience. Gear Seven is one such video production company with headquarters in Nashville. They provide a range of branded content for different clients, including music videos, short movies, product-focused skits, and quick commercial videos (for television and social media platforms).

Gear Seven is committed to delivering a meaningful message to the target market of the numerous companies it collaborates with. Gear Seven has partnered with a number of well-known brands, including Apple Music, Tiktok, Audi, Mitsubishi, Deloitte, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Redbull, Jack Daniels, and Vogue.

Five Stages of Video Production

There are five video production stages that consider the development and execution of video content.


The idea for a video is first thought of, and the project’s goals are considered during the development stage. The majority of individuals choose the kind of film they want to produce and draft a brief to present to video production businesses.

There are several types of videos, including:

  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • Films
  • TV programs;
  • Educative Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Company Videos

Many individuals choose to collaborate with production companies to develop their ideas, but understanding the kind of film you want to make can help you locate the best company for your requirements. Despite how straightforward it may seem, this stage calls for a great deal of thought and planning.


Pre-production, or the planning step of making a video, is when you collaborate with a production company to decide on your objectives and organize every aspect of the project. The pre-production phase entails a significant amount of planning.

The whole production team (directors, photographers, sound recordists, camera operators, hair and makeup professionals, and more) must be put together, and the cast must be ready for filming by the time the screenplay is written. Storyboards, schedules, and locations are also chosen at this stage.

Here is when the details start to matter. But if everything goes according to plan at this point, your film will probably achieve all the listed objectives.


The production phase occurs when you record the planned video and gather all the material required in the post-production stage.

Depending on the sort of video you are making and the number of shots you need, production might take a while. It is critical to have a detailed strategy every day during filming and to ensure that everyone engaged is aware of their responsibilities.

Delivery of the finished video may be delayed if there are any adjustments made during development. Because of this, having a solid pre-production process in place is crucial.


The video’s sequences are in rough edits before being included in the final cut. This implies that the video is still quite unpolished.

Filmmakers start to work on the movie’s editing during the post-production phase. The correct and work on visual elements, acoustic effects, music composition, voice narration, and titles. The video will undergo an extensive post-production process, but editors must also set the path for the video for it to be successful. Poor editing can ruin a video production if it is not caught in time.


The delivery phase is when you can finally show the world your incredible video. This is often done by submitting it to broadcasters or posting it to a hosting website.

Prior to publishing your video, be sure you have obtained the necessary permits because copyright limitations can cover certain content.

When your video is posted online, it’s critical to monitor its effectiveness and make adjustments as needed. Such as increasing click-through rates, which can entail modifying the title, description, or thumbnail.

Final Remarks

Be sure to look into a video production company, such as Gear Seven, to look after your video content creation needs for marketing and awareness purposes. Like any good video production company, they would look after all five stages of video production with you to execute a high-quality marketing campaign.

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