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What If We Are Living In a Universe Controlled By Someone Else?

What If We Are Living In a Universe Controlled By Someone Else

This is one of the most intriguing concepts to think about. The idea of this is known as the ‘Simulated Hypothesis.‘ Which means the things we see and experience as real are not actually real. Someone else has the control of it. Even the cosmos and the galaxies we see far beyond are just little parts of our created existence by somebody else.

Have you ever found yourself immersed in a video game? Feeling so engrossed that the digital world around you feels almost… real? The idea of living in a simulated universe takes this concept to an entirely new level. Imagine if our whole universe, with its galaxies, stars, planets, and even us, was just a sophisticated simulation.  Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom believes that one of the most probable things. It is created by entities far from a realm beyond our comprehension!

A Reality Beyond Reality?

If you have ever noticed, pretty much everything in our world is based on mathematical laws. Our own genetics and cosmos follow a mathematical code. Everything has a pattern and an order. But who designed this? well quite possibly by a more advanced civilization. It is also possible that the world we live in is in the hands of someone from our future! They might be using an advanced supercomputer to change our choices and experiences for better or worse.

This idea isn’t new. Philosophers and scientists have been toying with it for centuries. However, let’s think that this reality isn’t as real as we perceive it to be. If our world is indeed a meticulously created simulation, then every law, every particle, and every moment is a result of precise design and programming!

While the world we see is in some sense ‘real,’ it is not located at the fundamental level of reality,” says  Nick Bostrom in a 2003 paper.

Image source: Scientific American

A Universe Not So Fundamental?

Living in a simulated universe would mean that the reality we understand is not as unalterable as we believe. Our experiences, our choices, and the physical laws that govern our existence aren’t actually ours! It could all be adjustable components of this gigantic simulation. This could actually explain the experiences and phenomena we consider supernatural or unbelievable, like teleportation, time travel, and even magic!

Someone Is Playing With Us!

The purpose of such a simulation could vary widely. It might be a method for advanced civilizations to study different aspects of existence, explore different outcomes, or even create their virtual worlds. There’s also a possibility that this simulated universe is not created for our benefit. It might be a source of entertainment. Imagine somebody playing with us like we are toys or test subjects. Our creation might even perhaps serve some other purpose that we just can’t understand.

Let’s say we built a supercomputer as advanced as the ones who are controlling us. If that’s the case, we might even be able to control some other civilization. However, this could mean that we are indeed a part of a simulated universe. Then there’s another possibility that the ones who are controlling us are being controlled by someone else! This chain could go on and who knows where it ends.

How Can We Know?

But how can we ever know for sure if we are living in a simulation? It’s not as easy as we think. We can try by looking for inconsistencies or ‘glitches’ in our world. It might be their attempt to communicate with us or even change us from what we are right now. However, an absolute answer still seems elusive.

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How Would Knowing Change Us?

If we ever discover conclusively that we live in a simulation, it would transform our perspective on life and existence. It would make us question our singularity in the universe. This can open our minds to the limitless possibilities of the supernatural. It would also foster a sense of responsibility for maintaining the balance of our environment. Not just that, even utilizing resources cleverly as our actions could impact the entire simulated universe and its inhabitants!

The Journey of Contemplation

Regardless of whether our universe is simulated or not, considering such possibilities enriches our existential thoughts. It allows us to explore the unknown depths of reality and the various possibilities of existence. It makes us wonder if the simulation is meant to guide our evolution, entertain our creators, or help us unravel the multifaceted nature of existence.


In contemplating the possibility of a simulated universe, we embark on a journey through unknown territories of knowledge and understanding. It makes us delve into the essence of existence and reality. It offers an extraordinary perspective on life, existence, and the myriad possibilities the universe holds. Even if the whole truth may forever remain a mystery.

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