What Can You Power With A 5KW Solar System?

You can power most of your basic household appliances, i.e., television sets, refrigerators, and even air conditioners, using a 5KW solar system. Statistics show that 1.6 million households in Australia have solar panel systems installed. 

Solar systems save these households lots of money that they would have spent on paying electricity bills. The Australian government also started a rebate programs in NSW, SA, VIC and QLD to encourage more households to switch to solar energy. They aim to have all homes operating on solar power by 2030. 

The 5KW solar system comprises of 16 panels that contribute to producing energy that is 5KW during peak hours. Peak hours are times between 10 am and 2 pm. A 5KW solar system produces 20W of power daily.

The primary function of any solar system is to convert light energy into direct current (DC) power. This energy is then converted to AC and used at home to power appliances such as: 

  1. Washing Machines 

Recommended: 80W per cycle. 

Nowadays washing machines are a necessity as we need them to do our laundry. These machines, however, consume a lot of energy, and this is where you need your 5KW system to step in and save you money. 

For any cleaning cycle you choose, it is best if you do your laundry during peak hours. This is because there is maximum power production, enough to run it smoothly. 

  1. Hot Water Heating Machines 

Ask those who use electricity to power their water heating systems and compare their electricity bills to those who use solar. You will get surprised to find that the bill is almost double. 

Switching to using a 5KW solar panel saves you money as it can comfortably power the heaters; this is because the heaters need about 4KW of power. These heaters also best work during peak hours. 

  1. Air Conditioners 

Air conditioners consume a lot of power. Even though we do not use them regularly, using a 5KW can help reduce your electric bills. On average, air conditioners use 5KW an hour, the same amount of power that your system will be producing. 

Try using your air conditioner during peak hours for the best results. 

  1. Television Set 

Recommended: 100W per hour.

More than 90% of homes in Australia have television sets. Different television sets consume power differently; the more significant the set, the more the display; therefore, it consumes more power. On average, a plasma set uses 100W, lower compared to other home appliances. 

To even save more, it is best if you switched from plasma to the LED types. LED sets are more energy efficient as they use on average 30W, saving you up to 70%. 

  1. Refrigerators 

All households need refrigerators to store and keep their food cold. For this to happen, the fridge has to run the whole day. This is very expensive, mainly if you use refrigerators more than 15 years old. 

Depending on the type of refrigerator, they have varying energy consumption rates, but they generally consume more. 

Please get rid of the old refrigerators and replace them with energy-saving technology; don’t forget to power them using your 5KW solar system. 

What Are The Factors That Determine The Amount Of Power Produced By A 5KW Solar System? 

Several factors determine the amount of power produced by your 5KW system. They are; 

Time of day 

Solar systems need sunlight. The sun is present between 8 am and 5 pm, and its intensity is not the same during this period. Some periods receive more sunlight, from 10 am to 2 pm, and others less.

The more the sun intensity, the more power the solar system produces. 

Total surface area 

How have you aligned your solar panels? For maximum energy production, you need to have more of the total area exposed to the sun.  


Shadows from trees and buildings reduce the amount of power your system produces. This is because they block sun rays from reaching the solar panels. It is best if you place your system in areas where there are no shadows throughout the day. 

How clean is your solar system?

Since you have your system out in the open, dirt, pollen grains, and other substances settle on the panels reducing their energy-producing capabilities. We recommend that you find time once in a while to clean them using a clean cloth. 

Avoid splashing water at high pressures as this might disrupt the alignment and cause other damages. 

Geographical location

Some areas receive more sunlight and for more extended periods compared to others. Expect the solar systems in these areas to produce more power. 

How Much Do You Save By Using A 5KW Solar System?

If you read many customer reviews, it is clear that these panels have saved them a lot of money. You can save up to 90% if you switch to solar energy in Australia; households save about $5 a day, translating to over$1,800 a year. 

You will have to spend more to acquire the system; a standard solar system ranges between $500 and $800, and most have warranties. 

Pro tips

Since you’re looking to have a 5KW solar panel installed in your home, there is some essential advice you may need after all. Check out the following.  

  1. Solar systems convert light rays into Direct Current. Appliances at home use AC and not Dc. To complete the conversion, you need an inverter. 
  2. During peak hours, the panels produce more energy, and you might not consume all of it at once. Therefore, store this energy by using solar batteries. Some systems have these batteries installed, and after converting light to DC, they hold it for you. 
  3. Place your solar systems on surfaces that have no shadows. It might be tricky finding a spot free from the tree and building shadows. The higher you place the system, the less occurrence of shadows. 
  4. After placement, ensure that you tightly secure your solar system. This is because the panels are in the open and have to withstand all weather conditions. Loose solar panels are easy to carry away during windy weather. This leads to damage, and you will have to replace them. 
  5. Always consult with a specialist in case you need adjustments made to your solar panel system.