Digital Signage Software For Windows 10

Digital signage enables you to interact with your audience, be they your own staff members, potential customers, people walking past your store or people sitting in your waiting room. Modern digital signage software helps you get your message across in the most effective manner. Not only is your content visually appealing, but the content creation process is easier and more efficient than ever. Digital signage software for Windows 10 is a perfect fusion of good infrastructure mixed with ease of use on both ends (i.e. that of the operating system and that of the signage software).

Delivering Dynamic and Targeted Visual Messaging

If you use modern signage software that is compatible with Windows 10, then you may create dynamic and targeted content on your desktop computer. Some liken the process to making PowerPoint presentations, but it is actually far easier than that. It is more apt to liken it to the creation of websites.

Back in the old days, we had to code our own websites or hire a very expensive web designer. Nowadays, the creation process has become so simple that the drag-and-drop system can be operated by a child, and plugins help tailor the experience. Similarly, back in the old days, creating high quality digital content for signs was just as tricky and time consuming as creating PowerPoint presentations. But now, thanks to streamlining and a lot of honing by the developers, creating your digital content is as easy as building your own website.

Increasing Engagement and Reducing Costs

Many digital software producers make substantiated claims about engagement these days. Some of the most proven stats come from KitCast.TV, who claim their software allows for an average of +500% views, and the clever implementation of their software can easily lead to an increase of +115% in sales if suitable marketing is put into place.

Cost reductions in relation to Windows 10 are pretty obvious. After all, most desktop computers can run Windows 10, and if your digital signage software is installed on a Windows 10 device, then you experience savings such as:

  • You do not need to buy additional hardware
  • Your staff do not need to be re-trained in using the operating system
  • You do not need to pay for additional installation
  • Your staff need only limited technical knowledge to use the software and the operating system
  • Troubleshooting is far cheaper
  • Maintenance costs for the software and utilized hardware are very low

What About the Mac Operating System​?

Though the MAC operating system is a fine option if you wish to install or use digital signage software, you have to remember that it is not as popular as Windows. And, in reality, it is not as popular as the Android operating system in some cases. You will have to re-train your staff to use the digital signage software on a MAC operating system. However, if your company already uses Apple software and Apple products, then installing and using digital signage software on your desktop computers shouldn’t cost anything extra in training, maintenance or installation.

Digital Signage For Almost Any Business Type

Windows 10, allied with digital signage software, means you can create content quickly and implement it efficiently. With Windows 10, you also have the option of installing companion software, be it vector drawing programs or video editors, and there are plenty of compatible cloud options. This means that you can store your content easily, and perhaps even process it more quickly if you pay for Cloud computing services.

There is a fair degree of simplicity when it comes to digital signage software and Windows 10. That is not to say that Windows 10 doesn’t have its complexities, but you will find that most computer literate people can utilize Windows 10, and troubleshoot Windows 10, far more easily than they can a Mac operating system, and more easily than they could with older versions of the Windows operating system.

Security and Scalability

Since you are working with tools that include Windows 10, the internet, Cloud computing, shared hosting, and so forth, mostly anything you do with regards to your digital signage content and dissemination is scalable. However, do not forget that it is also secure. Windows 10 may annoy you with its frequent updates, but these updates are proof that the staff at Microsoft are working tirelessly to battle against hackers, crackers, and a host of online malwares and exploits.

It is not like an intranet or internal service where you are the only one responsible for security. When you are using Windows 10, it is the engineers at Microsoft that shoulder most of your security burden. Not to mention the work that your firewall and antivirus software does. Now, if you were to compare this to your own hardware with an infrastructure you set up yourself (like the old fashioned intra-office operating systems and intranets from the 90s), then every element of your software’s and hardware’s security would be in your hands. Working with Windows 10 is not only scalable, it is a pretty secure too when compared with its alternatives.

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