As time is passing, companies all around the world, are trying to stay ahead of their competition in every way possible. Today, the market is nothing less than a gruelling race, in which different kinds of companies are taking part, both knowingly and unknowingly. Even a startup, which does have as much popularity is a substantial part of that race and is trying its best to retain its spot in the elemental chart. 

No matter what a particular business is, the customer is the king. This is true more for a web development company. The customer or client, in other words, is the one that takes a particular company up or down. The reaction of a client is how a small startup can gradually become an enterprise company and those same clients can turn a big shot company into a bankrupt one. It all basically depends, on how they and the customers are treated. 

Digital transformation is the way to stay relevant in the game, during these crucial and fast-paced times. Today, companies do not function in a manner that they used to once upon a time. This change is apparent in the way, they are communicating with all the customers. You are the owner of a company, the best way to know if your customers are happy with your service or products, is to communicate with them properly, after they have experienced the same.

The point that this article is moving towards, is the use of AI chatbots. Chatbot technology is playing an extremely crucial role in the process of transformation of companies and businesses, both large and small. It has also been responsible for upgrading small businesses into large enterprises. A digital-first business strategy is very prevalent among company owners of different kids, in the present time and is predicted to get more popular with time. According to statistics, 89% of the total number of existing business owners either already have or will soon incorporate this strategy into their functioning.

Incorporation of Chatbot and AI technology into businesses has very recently become more prevalent because of the increasing popularity of social media platforms in the present time. It is predicted that by the end of the year, 2020, around 80% of the total number of existing business are expected to implement some sort of AI chatbots. With the increasing dependency upon social media platforms, use of chatbot technology is also predicted to blow through the roof.

This particular article focuses mainly on the implementation of AI chatbots and how it impacts the world of business. To be more specific it talks about some of the important benefits that incorporation of chatbot and AI technology can bring about in a particular company. This article will help you understand the value chatbot technology can bring about in a business. However, before moving onto the advantages, it is important that you are informed about what an AI chatbots solutions actually mean and why is it such a big deal. So let’s begin.

What is an AI Chatbot and Why is it a Big Deal?

AI chatbots basically refer to a program, which is powered by and functions according to the rules of artificial intelligence. It has the ability to interact with human beings, through a chat interface, created by a developer. A chatbot technology ensures, that a digital assistant interacts with a person, just like any other normal person would. 

AI chatbots make use of machine learning to understand how a particular person is trying to converse with it. It has the ability to read and record data from the behaviour of the consumer. This data later helps them to react in such a way that the customer will understand and will properly respond. Chatbot and AI technology, combined, make sure that they do not just copy human language, in order to become fluent in their way of communication, but AI chatbots actually comprehend the questions and reactions of the humans, so that they can respond in the best manner possible. Information about the best chatbots 2020, will inform you in detail about how each is different from the other.

Companies like offer automation solutions such as chatbots to capture more business, create a better service experience, reduce operational costs, grow your brand, and drive sales revenue. 

This article, however, talks about the benefits of using AI chatbots. After talking in details about how chatbots work, it is time to delve into how and why chatbots for business is advantageous. The following points show you clearly how the implementation of chatbots benefits companies al around the world. 

Benefits of Implementing Chatbots into Your Business

  • 24*7 support

This is a huge advantage, as far as chatbots machine learning is concerned, it is obvious that a particular human customer executive will not be able to be available all the time to answer the queries of the customers. Even if there is an availability of shifts, continuous service will not be available. This can also happen if a human executive is on break for some reason and he fails to respond on time. 

With Chatbots customer service, a situation like this has absolutely zero chance of ever taking place, because it is, after all, a bot which is programmed to be available to answer all queries every second of the day.

  • Instant answers

This is another significant benefit that you can get by making use of chatbots software. When a human executive is trying to answer to the queries of a customer, being a human, he might need to think about the solution before responding to the customer, and this process is bound to take a bit of time.

Customers nowadays are not ready to spend a substantial amount of time on things and moreover, they do not even have the patience to wait for anything, at the least for customer service. This is why chatbot solutions are best suited for the consumers of today.

  • Bookings

This benefit is mainly applicable to websites which deal with retail services and sale of products. With the implementation of AI chatbots, purchasing something from a specific website becomes drastically simpler. 

Everything, starting from entering details and payment information, is automated, thanks to the chatbot and AI technology.


This article informs you in details about the chatbot technology. Even though it is the latest technology trend, that needs to be followed in order to stay relevant in the market. It is important that chatbot development is done properly. A buggy chatbot will not do you any good. To assure this, do consider spending money on a chatbot development company.

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