What Are Multipurpose Swimming Pools?

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The ideal summer for most people involves basking in the sun and taking a plunge to cool off when the temperatures become unbearable. There are several pool types, each with advantages and disadvantages. More homeowners opt for multipurpose pools to get the most out of their backyard oases. 

A multipurpose swimming pool incorporates various styles into one structure, allowing you to relax, get fit, and enjoy the surroundings. Although it’s costlier than standard designs, it provides the ultimate swimming experience and can also add resale value to your home. 

Here are the different styles that feature in typical multipurpose pools. 

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Architectural Designs

Architectural pools are among the expensive styles. However, they make up for the costliness by adding glamour to your backyard. Since architects design them, they often have unique designs. 

If you want a multipurpose pool that complements your home and overall landscaping, ensure it features an architectural design. Often, these pool designs occur at the same time as the house. They use similar building materials to achieve a cohesive and symmetrical look. 

Due to the elaborate and sophisticated details in architectural pools, adding them to your multipurpose structures needs hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on size.

Infinity Pool

If you’re a fan of home design magazines or websites, you’ve probably noticed influencers promoting infinity pools. They’re also known as zero-edge and vanishing-edge pools because they create an illusion of endlessness, although the water is confined. 

It’s rare to find infinity pools in homes. However, you can have them if you have deep pockets. The most significant advantage is the aesthetic appeal. Besides that, they’re as good as regular pools. 

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools aren’t ideal for swimming, as most are shallow. They also have cold water, making them suitable for cooling down and relieving muscle soreness after intense physical activity. 

If you have a gym at home, you can build a plunge pool as an add-on to your regular pool, making it versatile. These pools also add to your home’s aesthetic. However, they’re relatively expensive, despite their size. 

Natural Pools

You should consider building a natural pool if you live in the country. These are greener alternatives to chlorinated pools that use plants instead of chemicals to clean the water. 

Natural pools are an excellent choice if you’re allergic to pool chemicals like chlorine. However, they need a lot of space – a swimming area and a similar-sized spot for regeneration. 

The regeneration area must be shallow and have water, crushed gravel, aquatic plants, and pumps to circle water for cleaning. Besides, natural pools require boulders, waterfalls, and other landscaping features. These make them expensive.


A spool is a small, spa-like swimming pool. It’s a small pool designed for relaxing rather than swimming. It often has fancy features like hot tubs, jet sprays, and underwater lighting. Like a plunge pool, it could be a section of your standard pool where you can spend your pastime watching the stars. 

Wrapping Up

People construct pools for different reasons. Some do it to improve their home’s aesthetic, while others want a space for relaxing and exercising. Since it’s impractical to build pools for specific purposes, homeowners have to opt for multipurpose pools.

A typical multipurpose pool might feature an architectural design for beauty, a spool, or a plunge pool on one section for relaxing. Natural pools excel at both purposes, as they’re large enough to allow swimming and have aquatic plants to create a relaxing environment.

If you have the money, multipurpose pools are a worthwhile investment. They guarantee exciting experiences, beautify your home, and add value to your property. 

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