A Week into Weird, Fantastic, and Odd Things | WFOT Recap | Episode 1

This is epic I’d make a large collage frame of these and put it on the wall. It’s hilarious

Did you know there is a Facebook group dedicated to the weirdest and most fantastic things on the internet? With over 1 million followers, Weird, Fantastic and Odd Things captivates its members each week with bizarre discoveries and strange stories.

This recap series, “A Week into Weird, Fantastic, and Odd Things,” highlights the best posts and comments from that community. From thought-provoking debates to intriguing photos, join us as we dive into this week’s most captivating discussions and highlights.

The most engaging posts of the week

#1 | Photo bomber

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 1
Jack Nickolos

This beautiful couple was having a photo shoot when a playful horse decided to join in the fun.

This post has 513 comments, over 1.3K shares, and more than 11K reactions, most of which are 😂 (Face with Tears of Joy) reacts.

Note worthy comments on this post

“I wonder if they lost someone very special they wish could be there. They come through in nature all the time.” Jordan Peters

“That horse is the class clown!! To funny!” Pamela Anderson Fehrman

“The photo invader literally made them smile. Did it deliberately to assist the couple forget trials that pregnancy brings along.” Mwalimu Vincent Ndemange Junior

#2 | Delete one thing from Earth

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 2
Knowledge Explorer

This post asks: “What is one thing you would delete from Earth to make it better?” It has over 1.3K reactions and over 11K comments with people’s thoughts on what should be deleted to make Earth a better place.

Note worthy comments on this post

George A. Meintassis commented it would be “People”

However, Michael J Webb doesn’t agree with George and has a different idea. But not agree with Gorge and has a different idea.

“Those choosing people are a bit silly. People generally aren’t the problem. Selfishness and greed are. There are some good people in the world. I assume your comments mean you would rid the world of everyone except you. …? Or do you want to leave too?”

“Corrupt government, And Child molesters, Drugs, Alcohol, Social media.” Steph B Brewis

#3 | Hello, I am the SNAI

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 3 Snail
The Wonderful World

This post asks gardeners to use coffee grounds instead of poison to keep snails away and help the soil. It has over 5.8K reactions, 2.1K shares and more that 550 comments.

Note worthy comments on this post

“Eggshells are also a good natural deterrent for snails and slugs. They don’t like climbing on the sharp edges and will avoid it.” Sarah Johnson

“Didn’t know snails could type” Ryan Kelly

“When are we going to stop killing things with poison? We have a really nice lawn because every fall a skunk comes around and digs up all the slugs…. in the spring you can’t see where the lawn was dug up. The groundhogs eat the dandelions and bees love the dandelion flowers….we have to stop poisoning our environment.” Cheryl Hunt

#4 | A Crow couple has been together for over 12 years

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 4
The Wonderful World

This post shares the touching story of a crow couple who have been together for over 12 years, with the male lovingly caring for the female after she broke her beak 8 years ago. They have babies every year, and the flock protects her.

The post has garnered 18K reactions (mostly hearts), 4.9K shares, and 895 comments.

Note worthy comments on this post

“They definitely do it better than I ever did.” Lisa Dawn

“Owned a rescued crow for over 27 years. It would have been a world record for a crow living in captivity, but I had grown up and moved on with my wife, leaving “Chris” the crow with my mother. She ended up with dimentia and eventually succumbed to alzheimers disease and losing all of the mandatory paperwork for him/her or whatever it was. I named it Chris, because I was 7 years old and couldn’t tell whether it was a male or female. They are EXTREMELY intelligent animals. Ours was fluent in cuss words, said I love you, water, food, my name. And screamed gibberish to my other pets.” Bryan Benedict

“My Dad rescued a Jackdaw from a cat and nursed it back to life. After he released it back into the wild it would visit us often and eat out of my Dad’s hand. One year it brought a mate with it. We moved away eventually and I wonder if that Jackdaw missed us.” Fae Hutchi

#5 | An incredible sundial

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 5
Elisabet Bclan

Note worthy comments on this post

“Imagine if you see a cool bit of engineering then try to turn it political thing and a misogynist thing all at the same time. I am sure someone will do this.” Paul Burke

“My first thought was how could I make one on a smaller scale for my yard.” Bill Hotz

“Geez, Louise people……it is a piece of sculpture that also happens to tell time. It’s not the atomic clock! Why don’t each of you critics design a better sundial!” Vince Panicola

#6 | Figs are technically not fruit

WFOT Recap episode 1 image 10

Figs are technically not fruit– they’re actually inverted flowers. They require a specific kind of pollination that can only come from fig wasps (1.5mm big) –wasps that have to DIE INSIDE the fruit in order for the fruit to mature, since figs cannot be pollinated by wind or normal bees.

Note worthy comments on this post

“Nope – there are self-pollinating figs. I have one.” Dayle Severns

Figs are my favorite fruit. Nothing can change that fact 😁 although figs where I live are not as good as ones in Mediterranean countries. Pelin Tatlidil

I’m questioning eating our figs now. 😕Lisa Martin did you know this?? Laurel Johns

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