Wanna Date What happened After Shark Tank & Net Worth? Here Is The Latest Update & Their Story So Far

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Wanna Date What happened After Shark Tank & Net Worth Here Is The Latest Update & Their Story So Far

Wanna Date is a business that sells date-based spreads targeted to fulfill sugary appetites through low-calorie fruity spreads plus nut butter. It appeared in the Shark Tank  season 11-episode 11. So, founder Melissa Bartow comes here demanding $100,000 for a 20% stake in her business. 

However, She ended up getting a deal of $100K for 33% with Mark Cuban. Melissa obtained a vast amount of sales just after the episode broadcast. Now Wanna Date has a net worth of about $4 million. As of 2023, they have made $4.7 million in sales.  

But how does Wanna Date reach a net worth of $4 million this year after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more about the latest update and their story so far.

What is The Wanna Date Net Worth in 2023?

The company was valuated at around $500,000 at the time appearing on Shark Tank. but Mark Cuban later changed it to $303,030.3 to make sense.

The company’s net worth in 2023 is around  $ 4 million. As of 2022, they have made $4.7 million in sales. Also, the numbers can change with their increasing popularity.

Read  Wanna Date’s worth and networth update in brief here.

How is Wanna Date Doing Now [Latest Update]

According to online reports, the deal with Mark Cuban went through in 2020 and is listed on his website. Melissa obtained a vast amount of sales just after the episode broadcast, and because of Mark’s plan, she achieved them successfully. 

Wanna Date is expanding in the entire world presently. Sales increased despite the minimal scaling. Through internet retailers like Amazon, there have been sales made worldwide. Orders are now even arriving from Whole Foods stores as a result.

Melissa is doing a terrific job at promoting her brand on Instagram and has over 22.6K followers. This spread has generated $4 million in total revenue since its launch. The Wanna Date is a successful business in 2023.

What is Wanna Date?

Keeping tabs on how much sugar you’re swallowing is an important part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. The vegan date spread Wanna Date can help to reduce your sugar intake.

Wanna date is a date-based spread targeted to fulfill sugary appetites through low-calorie fruity spreads plus nut butter. The company produces date spreads in a unique taste, including chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin spice.

You can purchase a variety of Wanna Date spreads on the market. For between $12.00 and $14.00, you can buy vanilla date spread, cinnamon date spread, cookie date spread, chocolate date spread, original date spread, and snickerdoodle date dough. It is healthy for the body because it has relatively few calories. Free of sugar, oil, and cholesterol. 

‘’The puns and ideas kept flowing, and everyone who tried my date spreads loved them. I couldn’t believe that no one thought to create a “date spread” yet. I needed to be that person,’’ says Melissa Bartow.

Who is the founder of Wanna Date?

Melissa Bartow, who grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia, made Wanna Date. After attending New York University, Melissa Bartow earned a degree in entrepreneurship.

She has experience working as a server at a food truck, as a spokeswoman for a significant corporation, and as a magazine photographer. She obtained employment at a health food store, where she spent a few months before opening her own company.

‘’Now 24, I still feel like the queen of an amateur hour over here using Google searches to power me through “CEO things,” as I call the hardcore business stuff. But beyond the daily struggle, I genuinely wake up excited every day to open my laptop and get to work on’’.


What Happened At The Shark Tank

Melissa pitched her vegan, low-calorie date butter and spread business, Wanna Date. Her mission was to make a product that was healthy yet still tasty for everyone to enjoy. But did the Sharks believe in her mission? Let’s explore the pitch and reactions from the Sharks.

The Pitch & Reactions from the Sharks

Bartow explained a product that is made of low-calorie date spreads and butter with no added sugar or preservatives. 

Mark Cuban initially misunderstood the product and asked about its potential use for bread spreads like peanut butter or jelly. Bartow clarified that it was not meant for bread spreads but for desserts instead.

Daymond John and Lori Greiner were uninterested in investing due to the lack of scalability of the product and withdrew their interest soon after hearing more details about the products.

Barbara Corcoran questioned Bartow’s motivation and commitment to making this project a success which made her question if this was just a hobby or business venture for Bartow which led Kevin O’Leary to value assess it and walk away from investing too.

Only Mark Cuban stayed interested after asking why she didn’t make something usable by everyone-even if you don’t have diabetes or special dietary restrictions-which is when he offered an investment deal of $100,000 in exchange for a 33% stake in Wanna Date.

In summary, Melissa Bartow’s pitch on Shark Tank showed how passionate she was about creating a product with health benefits available for everyone to enjoy by all.

Ultimately, Mark Cuban invested $100K for a 33% stake in Wanna Date, believing in her vision of creating a healthier version of dessert spreads accessible to everyone – even those without special dietary restrictions!

Wanna Date Shark Tank Update – What Happened After The Shark Tank

After the Shark Tank show held in 2022 during the Covid-19 period, the demand for this Wanna Date product increased significantly. Even in the face of a global pandemic, the NYU alumna is dedicated to her work.

Internationally, the Wanna Date movement grew quickly. Melissa claims that Wanna Date arrived on the Manhattan Whole Foods Market shelves in July.

Date Dough, a delectable dessert dough to which you can add water, broadened the product line. Melissa promoted baked goods like spreads, cookies made with pumpkin and chocolate, and birthday cakes. 

Thanks to this, she could enter Manhattan’s Whole Foods market, which is no easy task.

The majority of the grocery stores that carry Wanna Date are locally owned health food stores. Products from Wanna Date could be purchased there, on Amazon, and in some Whole Foods stores.

Also, Forbes listed wanna date in their “Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Great Ideas for Nature-Loving Moms” article.

This spread has amassed approximately $4.7 million in lifetime revenues through careful, incremental growth. Currently, the company is worth $2 million.

Wanna Date Review

Everyone loves the taste here, and many people are looking for recipes to use it. Also, if you want to use it for a long time, it is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator.

In addition, many people complain about the way it is packed. There are reports of customers who got in trouble without instructions because the label came off when removing the package.

Others have said that it’s easier to create larger bottles because they have smaller quantities, so they have to buy new ones all the time. Many customers have given positive product reviews.

Competitors of the company

Shark Tank expanded the selection of Wanna Date items after it debuted. SockGuy is among them and is Wanna Date’s main competitor. Additionally, Randysun, Stridline, and Bambos are some formidable competitors of Wanna Date.