Top Upcoming Sporting Events in 2021

Upcoming Sporting Events 2021
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COVID made 2020 a strange year for sports. Indeed, we even suffered several months without sport to watch and bet on. As things slowly start to improve, we are all looking forward to a 2021 that feels a little more normal. Here we take a look at some of the sporting events that we can expect to enjoy in 2021. We will all be very pleased to have sports back in our lives once more and we will all be thrilled at the opportunity to get our betting plans back on track.

Grand National

The 2021 Grand National is set to take place on 10th April, and everyone has their fingers crossed for the event. There is nothing quite like the big event, and it is a firm favourite with bettors, spectators and casual fans alike. It is unlikely that we will see the usual social event that takes place around the race, but the horses will be there, the jockeys will be ready and the bets will be rolling in. Let’s hope that this signals the start of better things to come.

Cheltenham Festival

After being one of the first sporting events to be canceled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, the Cheltenham Festival has high hopes for making it up to fans by giving them something to remember in 2021. The event is a popular one with young people and avid bettors, but with Cheltenham tips and guides on betting websites, a festival is also a great place for betting newbies.

Euro 2020

After being a casualty of the virus last summer, we are all hoping that the Euros will go ahead in the summer of 2021. With in-play action abounding and plenty of bets to be had when it comes to the tournament’s winners and losers, it is always an event that is loved by bettors. The date is set as 11th June, and we hope to be able to watch all 51 matches and enjoy as the top names in European football battle it out for the chance to be crowned winners.


We missed the tournament this year. It is synonymous with summer and many often feel that once the courts are open that the British summer has really started. Let’s hope that we get plenty of opportunities to win big in 2021. The tournament is set to kick off 28th June.

Olympic Games

This is the big one – and we all hope that it can go ahead. The 2021 Olympics would be the event to bring together all of the nations of the world that have spent so long separated and limited to their own countries. A true celebration of sports and of betting, let’s hope that we get the chance to enjoy a summer of athleticism and skill in 2021.

Ryder Cup

We are looking forward to the return of one of golf’s biggest events in 2021. Get the form book out, take a look at the odds and get ready to place a stake on the golfers that you know and love.

Tour de France

The sound of rubber on Tarmac should also sound once more this year as the riders prepare to take on one of the most thrilling and challenging routes in world cycling. Many will be backing Hart to retain the jersey. There are always plenty of betting opportunities to be had and the length of the race makes it a joy to follow and invest time and money in.

Things are looking up in the world of sports as we look forward to a bumper year of sports and sports betting in 2021.