The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Sensitive Data on Google Drive

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Sensitive Data on Google Drive

We all worry about our data being stolen and misused by someone else. Saving your data online can be practical but also uncertain, as we never know the level of protection it can provide. However, despite people’s mistrust, Google Drive can be one of the best and most secure ways of saving your sensitive data. Still, there are some steps you have to take to make sure the data is successfully secured.

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Understand the Risk

First, it is very important to understand the risk of your sensitive data being stolen. Most people don’t pay attention to this and think no one is interested in stealing their personal data. However, we have to be aware that there are simple ways someone can access everything we have on Google Drive, and this can be dangerous not only for ourselves but for everyone we know. Without protection, unauthorized people can access your data and misuse it later on. This way, you face your sensitive data being exposed and this can also affect people whose sensitive data you possess. This can also be very dangerous for your business data; this kind of information is the biggest target. You might want to consider exploring data protection tools to secure them. Once you realize how dangerous this is for both your personal and professional life, you will need some tips on how to make sure your data is secured. 

Get Familiar With How to Protect Your Data

We cannot just come up with a strong password and think we have done our part in protecting the data. We have to know every possible way we can secure our Google account. If we are worried about professional data, we have to make sure everyone with access is aware of what they can do to disable any unauthorized access. There are different workshops you can arrange for your staff and this way you can ensure they are familiar with the danger of sensitive data leaking out. If you are an individual worried about your data, consider this way of informing yourself. Make sure to listen to reliable resources and this way, you can avoid being scammed online. 

Take First Steps Towards Ensuring Data Safety

One of the first steps is setting your password. Make sure to use a strong and difficult-to-remember one. Many apps give you suggestions on how to make a strong password, and this can make the whole process of accessing your data more difficult. It is very important to secure your Google Drive, and there are many things you can do. One of the first steps is ensuring you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication, and this way you will be informed if anyone else is trying to access your account. Be aware of the access of other third-party apps, because we are usually not aware of which apps can access different types of data. Make sure to disable access to apps you no longer use.

Many people do not pay attention to whether the network they are connected to is safe. This can lead to your network being hacked, and that way, also to your data being stolen. There are certain tips on how to secure it. Make sure to enable wireless network encryption that will ensure no unauthorized account will be able to access the data. Make sure to always have the updated version, as it proves to be the most protected. You can also make a different access to your network for people you don’t trust with your data. This way, they won’t be connected to the main network and your data can’t be stolen.

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Check the Access Regularly

It can happen that, no matter what steps we take, someone finds a way to access our Google account, and that way, our data. It is important to know how to find this information and how to remove the permission of other accounts. Remember that these accounts are not always people who accessed our files without our permission; sometimes this happens when we permit different sites online, without paying attention to what exactly they are asking permission for. By checking this regularly, you can notice if someone else has access to your data.

Protect Other People’s Data

Worse than your personal data leaking out is your customers’. This can be a very unpleasant and complicated situation that can lead to bigger and even legal problems. Your customers trust you with their personal information and even though you don’t want something like that to happen, your responsibility is to pay more attention to data security.

There are certain things you can do to protect customers’ data. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about your options, as this can help you avoid unpleasant situations, and your customers will gain more trust. The first and most important thing is never to share access to customers’ data with anyone. Many people think it is safer if someone else has access, but they are not aware of the dangers these people can put them in. Make sure to follow when there is an update notification, as it is extremely important to always update all of your systems. The updated version is usually a more secure one and it always has some new tools for keeping your data from being stolen.

We think that because of technological development, our information and personal stuff are more protected than in the old days. Having this in mind, we do not pay much attention to securing our data online and we just assume nothing unpleasant will happen. However, when we find ourselves in a situation where someone gains access to our personal information, we finally realize how unsafe the Internet actually is. We have to make sure our data is secured properly, as any unauthorized access would not only harm ourselves but also our close ones, as we usually possess their data. Once you get informed on what steps to take to always control your data, you will probably never find yourself in an unpleasant and stressful situation.

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