Top Android Phones Under $400 in 2024

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Top Android Phones Under $400 in 2024

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The market for budget Android phones reached peak competitiveness across all major manufacturers in 2024. Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers now offer feature-rich devices at prices that will not break the bank.

This article explores the best Android phones you can purchase today for under $400, from Samsung Galaxies to Google Pixels. Each entry on this list will highlight its key features, performance, and overall value.

What You Should Expect From Smartphones Within $400 or Under

While mid-range phones have a decent balance of price and performance, $400 sits between cheap and high-end mid-range phones. That means a high chance of finding older phones that typically have lesser specs. 

Though most of them have 5G, they may lack performance and features compared to phones in the $600 range.

Power and performance: Purchasing a cheap Android phone under $400 will at least guarantee that you get an SoC that can handle the most recent games. For this price, you should expect SoCs that are about one to two years old and offer good performance for daily tasks.

Camera: In the mid-range, models like the Samsung Galaxy A54 have 50-megapixel main cameras but are not the same quality as the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s. The main issue with the cameras, especially “Quad cameras,” is that they use low-quality macro and depth sensors.

Battery: This price range usually features 4,500 or 5,000 mAh batteries with subpar charging speeds. Brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi offer over 60W fast charging, which is unavailable in the US. Additionally, wireless charging is rare at this price point.

Display: In terms of display, you expect FullHD+ screens with high refresh rates and OLED displays. That means excellent color reproduction and impressive contrast levels.

Age and support: Beware of devices older than two years because they typically have limited software updates. Most older phones will receive only one or two updates beyond their initial OS. One example is the case of Android 10 devices becoming outdated after the launch of Android 14 in 2023.

Carrier compatibility: Not all devices are compatible with every carrier in this price range. Many are designed for GSM networks, which are common outside the US. If you are on a CDMA network like Verizon, first ensure its compatibility. However, this issue is diminishing thanks to 4G LTE and 5G developments.

Nothing Phone (2a)

The Phone (2a) is Nothing’s newest affordable smartphone. It provides a well-balanced technical specification but stands out for its design. Many agree that it is one of the best-looking mid-range smartphones of this year.

The Phone (2a) offers a pleasant experience thanks to the Nothing OS 2.5 interface and promises to be durable with its promise of 3 Android updates and a 4-year policy on security updates. Its performance is decent and stable, although the smartphone lacks the latest Snapdragon chip.

With its 5000 mAh battery that supports 45 W fast charging, many consider this Phone the autonomy champion in the $400 price range. In battery tests, the smartphone lasts approximately seventeen hours. That means you can go for two days without recharging. 

The only real concession you may have to make concerns the photo quality, which is not the best, especially at night. Aside from that, the Nothing Phone (2a) is a well-balanced smartphone with a beautiful screen and decent performance.

Samsung Galaxy A54

Samsung’s Galaxy line undergoes annual upgrades, continuing its success as a top-selling device. The A54 has a good balance of price and performance and recently got a boost in its software update policy with the promise of four upgrades and five years of security updates.

Its performance is noticeably lower than that of the Pixel 6a and Poco F5 in games and heavy-processing tasks, but most users won’t notice the difference during regular usage. The Galaxy A54 offers less memory than its competitors, but it is the only model with microSD storage expansion on this list.

The Galaxy A54’s camera is decent and better than most Motorola and Xiaomi phones, but it is still behind the Pixel. It has excellent day and night shots and more usable macro and ultra-wide cameras than the Xiaomi Duo.

The Galaxy A54 is not the best in performance, battery, or camera, but it is a decent choice since it does not compromise too much in those categories. Superior software support ensures four more years of security patches and updates.

Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6a is an excellent choice at $399 for 128 GB. It has Google’s custom Tensor processor. This boosts the performance of Machine Learning features. It is a great option if you want a more compact Google phone.

This phone is unbeatable among smartphones at under $400 despite offering only one internal storage option and a 60 Hz refresh rate. More than that, the 6a is the most cost-effective smartphone out of the entire Pixel 6 series.

Regarding the camera suite, the Pixel 6a offers a reasonably basic module but doesn’t lag behind the competition. Since Google’s significant asset is in the camera software, you can be sure that the photos taken with the 6a will bear the Pixel series’ stamp of quality.

Motorola Edge 40

The Edge 40 seems out of place in this list. With an MSRP of $600, the phone is usually highly discounted, with street prices usually below $400. The phone comes in various splashy colors and has soft material on the back that feels premium to the touch and helps with grip.

For those who prefer curved displays, the Edge 40 is one of the few options left in this price range. It has an excellent and fast screen that refreshes at 144 Hz. It also includes a 68 W charger that takes most users to full charge in approximately 46 minutes.

Motorola bumped its software update policy in the software department to match Xiaomi’s four years of security updates, which, although inferior to Samsung and Google, is reasonable for most people. 

Get Quality on a Budget

The Android market in 2024 offers a plethora of choices for those looking to stay within a budget without compromising on features and performance. Each phone offers unique strengths. And consumers will indeed find a device that suits their preferences.

Budget smartphones have made remarkable strides in recent years. They now deliver impressive performance and features that were once the domain of premium models. With numerous options under $400, finding an Android phone that meets your needs without breaking the bank is an opportune moment.

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