Top 8 IT Companies for Career Growth in India

Lakhs of youths graduate in India consistently dreaming about working at a distinguished organization and developing their careers en route. India is perhaps the most important center for enormous tech organizations, and these organizations recruit lakhs of individuals from the Indian market each year. Nonetheless, because of the COVID-19 flare-up in 2020, recruiting had stopped in the country, with many individuals additionally losing their responsibilities to the pandemic. 

Luckily for us, the circumstance has been improving lately, given that organizations are becoming accustomed to a people-centric culture where growth opportunities abound. Since things are more steady than previously, many chances have opened up in the workspace. On the off chance that you are in the market searching for a task, here are the eight best organizations to work with and develop your career. 

1. Radixweb 

The GPTW Institute has certified Radixweb as a Great Place To Work® 2021 in its large-scale companies category. With over 500+ employees, Radixweb is one of the most desired employers in the country. However, working for a large organization wouldn’t be the only benefit for you. Radixweb adapted to the pandemic without affecting compensations and maintaining 100% customer success throughout the disruption. 

The work-life balance at Radixweb is well known, with employees across hierarchies reporting high levels of trust, communication, and accountability within teams. Radixweb gives precedence to existing skills compared to paper degrees, and the remunerations offered are also lucrative. 
Over the past two decades, Radixweb has evolved in every form and sphere, be it service offerings or employee strength, into a market-leading custom software development company. At the core, Radixweb is a company of domain experts who double-up as problem solvers with a deep understanding and substantial knowledge of their sphere of operations, successfully delivering over 4200 projects to clients spread across 25 countries. 

With a C-Suite that is ready to learn and adapt and senior managers who double up as mentors. Radixweb leads our list with flying colors. 

2. Cognizant 

While most organizations report compensation slices because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cognizant has passed out rewards in March 2021 and advanced a more significant number of more than 24,000 individuals across levels. That says a lot for the brand. Additionally, Cognizant designs to employ 23,000 freshers this year in the cloud, information, advanced designing, IoT, network safety, and business modernization fields. If you are hoping to join any of these divisions, this could be an ideal chance to thump on Cognizant’s entryway.  

3. Accenture  

With a staff bigger than that of TCS, Accenture is one the most outstanding tech firms on the planet utilizing north of 5,37,000 individuals across the globe. The Irish firm has, as of late, changed to sexually impartial strategies. The business has returned to the “pre-COVID level,” which implies the opportunities for compensation cut at Accenture are exceptionally low. With a solid income graph, there will be a lot of chances for you to sustain your vocation at Accenture.  

4. Infosys  

In 2020, Infosys permitted 97% of its staff to work from a distance, guaranteeing that its labor force is entirely secure. Infosys is “riding the influx of tech” and intends to enlist 26,000 new representatives this year. That is an extraordinary chance for somebody who is on the lookout for a task.  

5. Wipro  

Wipro, an Indian global organization, works in counseling and business process administrations. As per LinkedIn, Wipro has aggressive designs for its labor force, and reports online recommend that the organization intends to employ a more significant number of individuals in 2021 than it did in 2020. With a headcount of 1,56,480, Wipro has its workplaces in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. If you live in these urban areas and search for a tech organization’s task, Wipro is a commendable spot to search for a chance. 

6. Capgemini  

With more than 1,25,000 workers in India, Capgemini is a French global partnership that gives counseling, innovation, and rethinking administration. The organization is right now searching for individuals with counseling, designing, and data innovation foundations who have some expertise in SQL, Requirement Analysis, and Java. Assuming you have these abilities, Capgemini ought to be on your waitlist.  

7. IBM 

IBM, a worldwide American organization, made the world’s first PC, is presently the primary cloud platform. As indicated by the brand, it is one of the most significant innovations and counseling businesses on the planet, north of 3,50,000 representatives. Assuming you need to chip away at center advancements like AI and ML, you should genuinely think about IBM.  

8. HCL 

Settled in Noida, HCL utilizes north of 1,68,000 individuals in the country. Set up in 1976, HCL is one of the notable brands with regards to current figuring. HCL utilizes individuals who have SQL, Software Development, and Requirement Analysis abilities. It is now searching for individuals with designing, data innovation, and business advancement foundation. 

Wrapping up 

Laying it out plainly and returning to the tile of this article, every one of these is Dream Companies for Every IT Professional not just in light of their top-notch foundation intended to engage each representative with the right devices and resources needed for ideal results yet ingrain a feeling of proprietorship and obligation in their kin subsequently not just uniting groups in the quest for a typical goal however comparing organization accomplishment with their prosperity.  

These organizations have shaped work into a piece of their work-daily routine and support an ethos of experiencing completely and ethically while working ideally. They urge their groups to accept accountability for their work and expert lives. It essentially influences work fulfillment and hence execution, enabling these organizations to fabricate market notoriety of being a dream employer for each expert. 

Author Bio:

Sarrah Pitaliya is a coffee connoisseur and fitness freak. At work, she leads the digital marketing team from the frontline as digital marketing head at Radixweb – a Software Outsourcing Company.  She writes with a view to share her experience and provide insight to all the finer nuances of digital as a concept.